WTB Philips SBC 437 paper tractor

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30-03-2016, 11:30

Hi everyone!

I'm looking for the Philips SBC 437 continuous ("fan") paper tractor for Philips printers VW 0030/NMS 1431/NMS 1435/NMS1436.

I guess it is quite a useless piece of hardware right now, but I'd love to complete my Philips "office" set.

Thank you in advance

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Van barroidh

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30-03-2016, 14:39

Not useless , as there are still ink cartridges for sale :

Ink cartridge

I have two working printers . Maybe I could sell one , or just the paper tractor.

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30-03-2016, 14:48

Yes, I know about the cartridges and I have bought several of them so far.

I mean "useless" as "extremely obsolete", 'cause page-by-page paper feeding is really overkill.

If you are willing to trade one of the paper tractors, I'm your man! Big smile

Van Sander

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31-03-2016, 12:34

Nice to know that there are still compatible ink cartridges for sale. Does anyone know the equivalent for the SBC 427 (VW0010?)

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31-03-2016, 22:23

And a pretty cheap way to print as well: you can get a brand new printer tape for 6 € and they are good to print up to 2 million chars. That's should be more way more that 1.000 pages and thus, less than 0.006 € per page. Noisy, slow, retro and fun!