WYZ Pro Player doubts

Door PlainSpooky

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05-01-2016, 15:19

#1. What is the WYZ Pro Player licensing policy?
#2. I changed the code to recognize between PAL and NTSC systems and adjust playing speed. How to send it to the author?

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Van [WYZ]

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06-01-2016, 00:53

#1.- Freeware
#2.- Sent the mod to jvicente[]gmail[]com

Thanks for your interest in WYZPlayer / WYZTracker.
Regarding the second question, the code wich adjust 50/60Hz is an external code to the main player but I would like to know your solution.

Van PlainSpooky

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13-01-2016, 13:04

Oh thanks! My question was just because I saw no explicit information about license, copy, distribution etc on source code or WYZPlayer's site.