New WebMSX Emulator

New WebMSX Emulator

van Necron op 29-09-2015, 19:07
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A brand new emulator have emerged by the name of WebMSX, or just WMSX. This emulator has been created by Paulo Peccin (ppeccin) from scratch, and uses only Javascript and HTML5, so it can run online, on Chrome (preferably) and Firefox. This emulator has only recently been announced to the public, but seems quite usable and stable. So far, it can emulate only the MSX1 standard.
In the words of the author: "WebMSX, or simply WMSX, is a new MSX emulator designed for the Web.
Its goal is not to emulate every single machine combination and piece of hardware in existence.
Instead, it will focus on delivering a simple and straightforward experience, with ease of deployment for websites.

Join the talk on this new software on our forum.

Relevant link: WebMSX

Reacties (8)

Van Whizzy

Master (213)

afbeelding van Whizzy

30-09-2015, 21:11

Holy cow... can somebody enlighten me how this should work with machine code translation to javascript/html ? Impressive work !

Van Manuel

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afbeelding van Manuel

30-09-2015, 22:15

There's no translation, there's just interpretation, exactly like it works in all other programming languages...

Van collector msxxx

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afbeelding van collector msxxx

01-10-2015, 15:39

We call this kind of websides, "honeypot" websites!
It collects all the games people play...
After collecting, making a CD compilation and selling on Ebay?

Van Grauw

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afbeelding van Grauw

01-10-2015, 16:40

Nonsense. You're joking, right? Or trolling.

Van Necron

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afbeelding van Necron

02-10-2015, 03:50

it's a joke Wink

Van Louthrax

Prophet (2492)

afbeelding van Louthrax

02-10-2015, 04:31

collector msxxx wrote:

It collects all the games people play...
After collecting, making a CD compilation and selling on Ebay?

Just get the per-game download count on ROM-sites and you're done, much easier compared to developing a whole new emulator from scratch. I would estimate the total income of selling another new MSX CD roms compilation on eBay around something like 57.43 euros, divide that by the time spent on developing this emulator and you'll probably get a 0.10 euro / hour salary Smile
OMG, I missed the joke (or I'm feeding the troll). Time to go to bed !

Van cbsfox

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afbeelding van cbsfox

27-10-2015, 03:54

This web emulator rocks. Incredible! Congratulations for his work.

Van DanySoft

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afbeelding van DanySoft

19-03-2017, 22:09

Support offline ? Question