need some help with Higemaru

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25-03-2006, 08:14

I just got the first key after defeating a pirate captain.

Now I'm roaming around the sea without a clue. Does anyone know what I should do?

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Van [D-Tail]

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25-03-2006, 10:24

Search for a harbor which you can enter using this key. Iirc the first island/harbor (Cuck Island) isn't too far from where you found the pirate ship.

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26-03-2006, 10:09

If you got stuck further on maybe you want to check this :

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28-03-2006, 00:34

Thanks guys for the help. I just passed Dokuro Island which I got lost in because the map is huge. Now I need to get the Ookami key.

Has anyone noticed that Hebi island has that ghost n' goblins theme? The knight at the beginning of the stage seems to give it away.

Does any of you know if this game came out before the famicom version? Both games seem to be produced in 1987.

Van only_69

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14-08-2006, 15:32

The map of the game is being finished. Almost done. I am cleaning it up a little bit.

Van Huey

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14-08-2006, 15:52

To bad there isn't an English translation yet. Higemaru is one the 'best games no-one played'.

Van only_69

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15-08-2006, 13:44

The game is very good. It is the first time I have played it for years. Amazing how a such unknown game could be so playable. keep tuned for the latest news of msx solutions. as I said before, expect a huge update with more than 10 maps. higemaru will be one of them of course. unfortunately livingstone one is not likely to be among them, since I am still stuck.

Van only_69

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18-08-2006, 15:28

Game finished. Man, cleaning the map is such a huge work. This will last weeks. The map is enormous. It has the all the sea plus the seven islands, the pirate ships you have to enter and the secret passage in the jknife island to see the end of the game. BTW, anybody knows who did the solutions which can be found in generation-msx, msx hinter and other sites? Wanna add some credits to the guy who did it. Helped me a lot.