SofaRun v2.0 bug report thread

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Van Colive201

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07-06-2021, 02:00

Thank you Manuel! Smile Smile Smile

Van ducasp

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07-06-2021, 15:46

bobrocks95 wrote:

Unlikely to be a bug but I'm unable to run the save patched versions of Castle and Castle Excellent with Sofarun 8.0 on an SX1Mini+ (One Chip MSX derivative)

I have set the mapper to ASCII8 as the patch notes said, but I just get a teal screen after launching. Oddly if I set the mapper to auto and it picks Linear it will show what looks like the intended boot screen that checks memory and the rom file, and mentions the name of the guy who made the patch. This also appears with the ASCII8 mapper selected and the Memory Mapper as the preferred device, though the launcher text says I only have 16K of ram with that configuration, which isn't enough, then hangs.

Patched rom is an odd 40KB ASCII8 mapper rom, which I'm assuming is not a standard size the auto mapper selection would know about. Other than that the patch notes mention plenty of flash carts it apparently works fine with.

Have you tried MGLOCM? Sometimes when a file doesn't work with SofaRun I try with MGLOCM and usually have success Smile

Van AxelStone

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07-06-2021, 16:49

+1 for MGLOCM solution. It's a very solid loader for OCM and clones. I use it when Sofarun can't load a ROM.


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23-06-2021, 23:40

Good, on my philips msx 1 the games worked with my joymega.
I bought a f700, it recognizes the joystick when navigating through the folders, it runs the game but does not recognize the joystick.
Can anyone help me?

·Translated with Smile

Van mzoran

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23-06-2021, 22:54

I can't seem to load a ROM of type BASIC if it is larger than 16kb. Is this a known limit ?
The idea is for a ROM to populate pages 1 and optionally 0 but start as basic in page 2. So Either a 32kb or 48kb ROM files.
Such ROM boots well in an emulator, but execution through Sofarun just ends with syntax error reported.

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