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Van bobrocks95

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02-04-2021, 10:39

Unlikely to be a bug but I'm unable to run the save patched versions of Castle and Castle Excellent with Sofarun 8.0 on an SX1Mini+ (One Chip MSX derivative)

I have set the mapper to ASCII8 as the patch notes said, but I just get a teal screen after launching. Oddly if I set the mapper to auto and it picks Linear it will show what looks like the intended boot screen that checks memory and the rom file, and mentions the name of the guy who made the patch. This also appears with the ASCII8 mapper selected and the Memory Mapper as the preferred device, though the launcher text says I only have 16K of ram with that configuration, which isn't enough, then hangs.

Patched rom is an odd 40KB ASCII8 mapper rom, which I'm assuming is not a standard size the auto mapper selection would know about. Other than that the patch notes mention plenty of flash carts it apparently works fine with.

Van AxelStone

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02-04-2021, 11:15

Manuel wrote:
sunn wrote:

I've had Zero luck with Tower of Gazzel and Turbo R St. No matter what options I try. I'm using SofaRun.

I got it running perfectly. On my GT I had to add some disk delay to get the graphics working in the intro demo. What happens on your system?

That's correct, Gazzel needs to add disk delay to execute correctly the opening.

One general question @Louthrax, about ROMs with save game option (using SRAM or writing directly in the flash, like moderm homebrew games), is it possible to implement some kind of feature in SR to save games in SD or this feature should be only possible patching the ROM?


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