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26-07-2015, 19:26

Ok so this topic could be a result of fake marketing over the years, but I give it a try...
I'm reading an old Italian MSX Magazine dated October 1985.
A reportage from the "Son et Image Video" and "Paris Graphic", fairs held in France on spring 1985, talks about an European MSX computer branded "Solora".
A very small photo was published too, but I can recognize only a Toshiba MSX model (HX-10 totally black with white keys, and red stop key).
Does any French user know this story?
Did Solora existed as (electronic) trademark?
Maybe it's a fake new, to pump up MSX.

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Van ToriHino

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26-07-2015, 19:38

Maybe you mean the Finnish brand Salora? After their own system did not sell well, they intended to sell Mitsubishi systems under their own brand. This never happened however.

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Van enribar

Paragon (1125)

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27-07-2015, 00:00

maybe Salora is the right name! thankyou for the informations, I will look for other evidences about a msx machine.

Van enribar

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04-08-2015, 23:22

ok found some infos here:
on the italian msx magazine i can see a very small photo of a rebranded mitsubishi msx, so something was showed by salora in france in 1985

Van enribar

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04-08-2018, 20:09

This is the magazine where you can read about the "SOLORA MSX" but it's the Salora MSX, instead:
(page 9 - description of photo number 7).

Van gdx

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05-08-2018, 12:50

I think this is a mistake. Salora have sold various hardware. MSX in the magazine looks like a Toshiba HX-10 but all in black. I never saw it in black. Maybe Salora has tried to sell a rebranded HX-10 in Finland.

Van Mafcase

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05-08-2018, 14:52

I'm sorry to interrupt this conversation.

But on the same page of that Italian magazine is a picture of a Philips printer (picure number 9). To me it looks like a vw 0020? What's on the top? Is there something like a sort of feeder for small paper or envelopes?

I have never seen something like that before....

Van jltursan

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05-08-2018, 15:51

Don't trust too much the article, not only seems they mispelled Solora instead Salora, they branded as MSX the Philips VG5000...

Van enribar

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06-08-2018, 11:15

That reportage is made "in collaboration with INTERCONGRESS", so maybe those are translated news and informations.
But I beleave that Salora planned a rebranded MSX and then abandoned the project.

Van Wild_Penguin

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25-08-2019, 16:22

I found a picture of a Salora MSX in a closed (Finnish) MSX group in Facebook. I'd link it here but apparently Facebook does not let to link into closed groups! I'll still try:

Van Manuel

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25-08-2019, 18:42

What kind of MSX exactly?

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