What game do you want to play and you can´t find?

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Van djh1697

Paragon (1605)

afbeelding van djh1697

18-03-2006, 19:05

I rally liked "HUNCHBACK" from Ocean when I was younger, I cant find a version of it that is keyboard only though!

Van snout

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18-03-2006, 19:07

Howabout trying to actually make one (or more) of these things happen? Anyone willing to tackle SCUMMVMSX, or a great pinball game?

Van Edwin

Paragon (1182)

afbeelding van Edwin

18-03-2006, 22:48

- a new pinball game like Pinball Fantasies (for GFX9000 or VSCREEN maybe?)
I'd love to see that too. But doing it right is much more difficult than you'd initially think.
- a SCUMMVM/Larry kind of RPG
On g9k that should not even be a challenge. Codewise anyway. But original content requires professional gfx artists.
- a good new racing game
It's on my todo list Wink Check back in a few years Smile
- a Dune 2 like game for MSX (Paragon got quite far with DOME...)
That would be a nice project actually. With the same limitations as Dune 2, it should be possible. It would be a nice addition to the MSX. Never seen anything about DOME though. Must have been my time away.

Anyway, better finish current projects before starting something new. Smile

Van Gilneas2

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afbeelding van Gilneas2

18-03-2006, 23:40

Master of Orion, or better, Galactic Civilizations 2.

Daiva just isn't enough.

Van wolf_

Ambassador_ (9903)

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19-03-2006, 01:39

wolf_ the idea behind SCUMM for GFX9000 would be using the original art from the original games, from their original CD-ROMs (and, if needed, using a conversion script to offer things in easier-to-chew-on chunks to the MSX). Just as SCUMMVM, you'd need the original games on order to be able to play them tho.

Boring Tongue

If no-one would make original games it would just be another coder's-showcase, the interesting part would be the creation of NEW games, not just msx-versions of MI 1,2,3, DotT, Sam & Max etc. Perhaps the scumm format could be used, essentially this would mean your msx-games would be playable at PC as well.

Van Manuel

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19-03-2006, 11:25

Edwin, check the Paragon site on DOME.

Van [D-Tail]

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19-03-2006, 21:46

Iirc the 1st and 2nd alpha/beta/release candidates are freeware... but it'd be best if Whizzy can confirm this Wink


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afbeelding van ARTRAG

21-03-2006, 17:33

This is the AD&D game I mean


do not look at the graphic but at the gameplay, that, trust me is very intriguing

Van BiFi

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21-03-2006, 21:54

I can recall a certain group doing a pinball game in the style of pinball fantasies for gfx9000 and moonsound... giving the gfx artists close to 100% artistic freedom... Smile

Van BiFi

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21-03-2006, 21:56

I rally liked "HUNCHBACK" from Ocean when I was younger, I cant find a version of it that is keyboard only though!
Funny you mention this... SkiLLa and I hacked Hunchback to play with keyboard only.

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