MSX game used for a new Videopac game

Door Repair-Bas

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07-03-2006, 18:21

Shark Hunter is used for a new Videopac game.

and a Die-hard MSX'er made a Videopac game

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Van pitpan

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08-03-2006, 10:17

I'll stick to the MSX version though. Very nice game! Fishing, sewing nets, killing sharks until the winter comes. It's almost a hand-held game, but quite original and with lovely colourful graphics! Electric Software was probably the best British MSX software developer. Correct me if I'm wrong!

Van MäSäXi

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08-03-2006, 11:31

nice, someone else had found same page... Smile

actually it is not a NEW videopac game, but unreleased one which was released now...

and if you didn´t knew this, Shark Hunter is not the only one Electric Software game on Videopac, there is others too

Norseman for Philips Videopac G-7400

looks just like MSX version

and Buzz Off! (titled as Super Bee)

Philips Videopac G-7000 version here:

G-7400 version has more detailed graphics than MSX version! ;)

(it´s on the bottom of the page)

by the way... on the halfway on that page, there is game called "Trans American Rally", which is said to be best G-7400 game. Does it look any familiar?

It looks just like Konami´s Hyper Rally, except it is published two years earlier.... :) And it´s scenery looks far better than in Hyper Rally.... ;)

Maybe this encourages someone(s) to write "Hyper Rally 2000" or something... LOL! to beat G-7400 game.... :)

Van MäSäXi

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08-03-2006, 11:38

another by the way... I have always been interested to know is GST VIDEO same company as Electric Software?

Or is Electric Software affiliate of Philips as GST VIDEO seems to be?

Videopac´s Shark Hunter and Super Bee made by GST VIDEO.