Destiny's Quest : Preview . Sounded By WAV TRIGGER attached to MSX-RS232

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Door ericb59

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28-04-2015, 19:18

The Funny things you can do with RS232 : Episode 2

Destiny's Quest is a game I'm working for almost 2 years.
In a way, this is the sequel to [url=http: //]Treasure of Babylon[/url].

First watch the video :

I'm using the WAV TRIGGER Card on a prototype cartridge board. But it is only to power the Sound Card directly from the cartridge slot (not used here).
The Wav Trigger card is attached to the MSX-RS232 thru a RS232 to TTL adapter.

What is the TRIGGER WAV?
It is a standalone sound card that plays polyphonic WAV (12 simultaneous WAV are possible). WAV sounds are stored on a Micro SD card.
Between multiple possibilities offered by the card, here I 'm controling the card by RS232, and I do not use polyphony.
The sound effects of the game comes from the MSX itself, but I could easily have use WAV sounds.
More information on the Wav trigger: http: //

DESTINY'S QUEST, is a game of adventure and Reflexion.
There are different types of puzzles to solve, and a story to follow, with diferrents characters ...
Currently there are over 50 different rooms to explore.
Warning: The level design you can see here is not final, most rooms are not finished.
The game is played on TURBO-R and MSX2 + (PANASONIC) or Zemmix Neo / OneChip.
It is programmed in BASIC and uses the screen 12!
Originally I used Moonsound music ... But I really like this version WAV! and you?

To end such as video does not really render the colors of the game, here are some screenshots.

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Van Grauw

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28-04-2015, 19:55

The game looks gorgeous, looking forward to play it Smile.

Van Randam

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28-04-2015, 20:16

The game looks awesome like Grauw says. And the music is very nice too! Really looking forward to it. Hope you will make an editor for it like you did for treasure of Babylon. Still planning to make some levels for that game once I have some more time.

Van Manuel

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28-04-2015, 21:41

Yes, it looks totally awesome! And that music is fantastic too! Keep in the MoonSound of course, because that's what people will have... (in contrast to that WAV-TRIGGER).


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29-04-2015, 14:13

Great to see that someone is really working on a game that uses SCREEN 12... For some reason there are really few games that use the graphics potential of MSX2+... After saying this, if you want to make it playable also in MSX2 I can give you a routine that does SCREEN12->SCREEN8 conversion on the fly. (See here)

Van ericb59

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29-04-2015, 18:04

thanks !

nyyrikki is your routine will works on my Basic game ?
if yes, i would try it. Tongue

Van JohnHassink

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29-04-2015, 19:02

That's really nice! I look forward to playing it!
Do you use the same music files for the WAV Trigger as you do for Moonsound?

Van ericb59

Paragon (1046)

afbeelding van ericb59

29-04-2015, 19:07

JohnHassink wrote:

Do you use the same music files for the WAV Trigger as you do for Moonsound?

No it's absolutely not the same musics.
John if you have musics that can fit this game, i'm open... Wink

Van giangiacomo.zaffini

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afbeelding van giangiacomo.zaffini

29-04-2015, 19:09

Damn good display of power! This is the way!
Focusing on audio seems to be a good idea, indeed You push graphics as well. Congratulations.

Van valkyre

Hero (542)

afbeelding van valkyre

30-04-2015, 12:20

Dont know how you find time for all this stuff, but im glad that you do!

Van supmsx

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30-04-2015, 13:39

I really imagine that for some screens a slower music and for others speeder one
Bravo Eric Smile

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