Star Ship Rendezvous

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Door dioniso

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22-04-2015, 21:09

This goes for all the tits Star Ship Rendezvous lovers. Here you have the box, the instructions booklet and the booklet with the pictures of Sexy Dinamite Michael. I was so in love with her when I was a child ... :RNFF:

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Van Manuel

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22-04-2015, 22:50

Cool! Smile Is it known who the model is for "Special Stage Michelle"? (A.k.a. Sexy Dinamite Michael.)

Van JohnHassink

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22-04-2015, 23:31

Thank you!!!!!
I once tried to run the story through the translation function on Excite, and it came up with this:


Starship Rendezvous


After the space colony had been constructed, the human race's advancement to space was rapidly advanced.
So to speak, the space colony becomes the link to the space that the human race built.
The inquiry of the inner planet and the outer planet started with the completion of the space colony.
When the forward base was made in each planet, and the base began to operate full,
human race's eyes were naturally turned outside the solar system.



The only problem of sailing outside the solar system was "Time."
The human race doesn't know the oppose way at a great amount of time that
hangs to sailing in the fixed star.
It put on reliability and the population hibernation
for a long term of ten years or more
had not escaped from the experimental stage

yet though the population hibernation was tried at first,
and the one over the impatience of 1-3 years was able
to attain to practical use somehow.
The population hibernation was tried and diverse issues were tried to
another approach to an interstellar sailing when was in the hold foot dragging.
It is a warp navigation.


The test of the warp navigation happened and the event like
inviting the human race into an interstellar sailing happened only to it
when the irritation that the foot dragging of the population hibernation
gave began to change into hope repeatedly without several limits.


It's the appearance of SH (Space Hole).


It was a hole that opened in space.
appeared to about 140,000 light-years in the direction of Cygnus.
The hole that vomited everything like ravenous one and White hole, etc.
of the swallow even of light like the black hole was a hole of
upper free theory to differ completely in the character.


Nobody has understood what on earth SH is.
However, the free hole splendidly became rousing of the human race to an interstellar sailing.
I want to solve the mystery of SH as soon as possible.
The human race poured all of power to be popular for the achievement of
the warp navigation and was crowded for that.


The human race aimed at SH in a body when the warp navigation would be completed before long.
However, all spaceships that face SH have cut off news far from resolving the puzzle.
The whereabouts was a regular mystery.
SH near region some day became a sailing prohibition district,
and the person who tried to depress it there was gone.


However, one side was making the human race's advancement to space real.
The economic block jumped over the solar system,
became the one that the galactic system was made a stage,
and the range of the action became the one even for the galactic system
to have already jumped over.


Time like any might have flowed from the appearance of SH.
SH began to beckon to the human race again.
The spaceship appeared suddenly in the sailing prohibition district.
However, it did not carelessly bring it close this time.
It is because it is because of a bitter experience before,
the nationality of a ship of the spaceship is not recorded at all,
and either the purpose is not understood.


However, the person who boarded the spaceship of the mystery alone is
bravely painful because it resolves the puzzle ・・・ ・・・.

Van JohnHassink

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23-04-2015, 01:34


Sexy Dinamite Michael

Van fernando.collazo.5682

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afbeelding van fernando.collazo.5682

23-04-2015, 03:10

Big smile Big smile Big smile Running Naked in a Field of Flowers Running Naked in a Field of Flowers Running Naked in a Field of Flowers

Van iamweasel2

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afbeelding van iamweasel2

23-04-2015, 19:00

Wow, what a great gift! Thank you Dionisio ! Smile

I of course was in love with Sexy Dinamite Michael (didn't know that was her artistic name) as well. Anyone knows her real name?

Van JohnHassink

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24-04-2015, 13:05

The X68 version looks quite different, apparently. It seems to use digitised images throughout the game instead of only in the special stage with Michelle.

Van guantxip

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afbeelding van guantxip

24-04-2015, 14:32


Van iamweasel2

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afbeelding van iamweasel2

24-04-2015, 17:21

JohnHassink wrote:

The X68 version looks quite different, apparently. It seems to use digitised images throughout the game instead of only in the special stage with Michelle.

I didn't know there was a X68k version, thanks for the info. Is Sexy Dinamite Michael present in this X68k version as well? :)

Van anonymous

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afbeelding van anonymous

24-04-2015, 17:51

I have no idea! Couldn't get the 'trick' to work on that version, as the music mode pops up without disk access. I do know that the X68000 has an entirely different (and a lot less interesting) soundtrack, much faster gameplay but still that dragging scroll.
By the way, I also prefer the MSX versions of the 'boss battles'. I really like the style of the drawings and how the artists clearly made an effort to make the women look very different and distinguishable from each other.
Any way, the game has four versions in totality: MSX2/MSX2+, PC-88, PC-98 and X68000.

PC-98 box art:

Way less cool than the MSX version, don't you agree?

Lastly, I'm going to shamelessly plug my own channel again by pointing you towards the totally awesome soundtrack:

Van collector msxxx

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afbeelding van collector msxxx

26-04-2015, 16:36

Yes, Sexy Dinamite Michael is in X68k version Running Naked in a Field of Flowers

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