MSX Unleashed demo

Door mars2000you

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25-02-2006, 11:20

The MSX blue website has been updated with some nice screenshots of the incredible MSX Unleashed demo, created by Daniel Vik and Vincent van Dam. Besides, a DSK version of the demo can be downloaded from MSX blue :

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Van Konamito

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25-02-2006, 20:28

It's amazing this graphic demo!!!

Van SolidEric

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25-02-2006, 21:49

Nice msx1 demo with good pt3 musics

Van scratch_disk

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02-03-2006, 08:41

I ran this demo on my tR (I love to mention that I have a tR). In short: It is a masterpiece that only master minds are capable of doing it Smile

Just a small point to mention here, and correct me if I am (usually) wrong Smile
If you have played the game ZANAC for MSX1 you will notice that the weapon power-up (among other sprites) flickers very quickly. It gives the illustion of a new color.
When I saw the Technicolor slide show and MSX Unleashed demo flicker as if they are interlaced, the idea immediately comes into my mind that the slide show part follows the same principle (that is color change very rapdily resulting in the illustion of new colors never seen on MSX 1).
That needs a sharp mind to notice and, the most important, to implement it.
How about that?