(bright?) idea. Involves MSX and new technologies, please read

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Van [WYZ]

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10-02-2006, 15:27

Really good idea!! Big smile

Van Poltergeist

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10-02-2006, 16:27

The program was called Hobbyscoop, programs where frequently broadcasted in Basicode... (gee, I'm feeling old right now)

It's a nice idea. Usefull? I doubt it. I don't think many people will own only an MSX computer without a diskdrive. (I could be wrong, ofcourse). But almost everyone who downloads the podcast has a PC, probably use an MSXemulator (which, IMHO, are pretty good) and download the programs from the internet (and are a lot smaller to download).

Something different: I don't get the hype about that podcasting: Listening to someone talking for half an hour is maybe good for falling asleep, but the (few, I must admit) podcasts I listened to where not interesting at all... OTOH, I never listen to talkradio or anything like that, so maybe I'm not in the targeted group...

Van cesco

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10-02-2006, 18:24

hmm, I remember a radio broadcast on hilversum 2 in the Netherlands in the eighties. They did a data broadcast every week in a program called "...." (can't remember)

There was a similar radio broadcast here in Italy, but it was mainly focused on the broadcast of sinclair spectrum games, and it didn't last for a long time.

Van MäSäXi

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11-02-2006, 20:31

Usefull? I doubt it. I don't think many people will own only an MSX computer without a diskdrive. (I could be wrong, ofcourse).

Many people have just only an MSX computer without diskdrive. Smile

MSX2s were NoT sold everywhere, and diskdrives were EXPENSIVE stuff. And even diskdrives are now a lot cheaper to buy (mainly from ebay...) not everybody will buy them. question: Why not? answer: Why they should, they still have their cassette recorder. Smile

Van dogthinker

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13-02-2006, 02:25

Yeah, I use cassete recorder with my MSX, although quite a number of my tapes no longer work (and the tape drive is starting to have some issues too (hey, maybe the tapes are fine Wink) so this sounds like a cute idea for me. Nice and easy way to get games running on my old MSX, without needing to do any modding or having to buy extra hardware I don't wan't. Beautiful.

Now I've just got to get my MSX shipped out to me from teh other side of the planet :/

Van pitpan

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13-02-2006, 09:52

I agree that this is a BRIGHT idea, but not a very ORIGINAL one. The first MSX to WAV converters were published in 1999 and several converters exist. WAV to MP3 has been tested too with different results, depending on the quality of compression and the replayer itself. At the moment, the "standard" loading speed for MSX using the cassette interface is about 8,250 bauds. If compression is considered, it can be up to 15,000 bauds or even more.

I totally agree with the use of cassette interface. Now I am able to upload SOLID SNAKE (4 Mbit) to a 4 Mbit megaRAM from a CD using the cassette interface. For non megaROMs, no extra hardware is requiered.

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