Salamander - final guardian

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Van Low_Profile

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13-02-2006, 14:23

Screwlaser in combination with option-hold & 4 options always reminded me of 'Heras Hekwerk' Big smile

anyone ever succesfull in activating the 3 'combine-mode' weapons? (twin-laser, triple laser, arming ball)

i only succeeded in activating 'arming ball' which is a pathetic version of the nemesis 3 homing missile. seemed uncontrollable en utterly useless Smile

Combine mode was sucky implemented anyway ... unlike for example laydock Smile

Van BiFi

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13-02-2006, 14:31

AFAIK the arming ball can be launched in 1 of the 8 joystick directions. For the twin and triple shot there was someone who managed to activated those... they made screenies of those but I can't recall anymore where the were located.

Van [WYZ]

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13-02-2006, 15:39

Just me a few years ago.

As you can see, by cheating some RAM values.

Van BiFi

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13-02-2006, 15:48

you cheated your way to those?

Van dogthinker

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15-02-2006, 07:16

The real problem with the teamed specials was that there weren't many places to connect, and when you did it was for only about 20 seconds or so - not really long enough to do anything with the fancy weapons even if you did have the exactly right number of pods saved up to buy them on the spot (which I never did...)

Here's another tip - I guess most people know this trick already - but when playing 2 player, if one player picks up the option hold special, but the other dies before the countdown ends, then the option hold becomes permanent (at least until you die) and even persists between stages.

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