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Door Dirty Harry

Resident (45)

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13-01-2015, 20:10

A group of people in the Memotech MTX forum have built a working Z80/V9958 machine with very similar specs to a MSX 2.

It's called the MTXplus+ runnning up to 16MHz !

Wouldn't take much to change this design into an MSX plus ??

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Van Dirty Harry

Resident (45)

afbeelding van Dirty Harry

25-01-2015, 17:04

This design could be 'Morphed' into an MSX plus ? The hardware is very similar Z80,V9958 etc just needs I/O ports mapping different and Memory map configuring the same as MSX ?

Van Manuel

Ascended (18781)

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25-01-2015, 22:23

Do you mean MSX2+?

It would require the MSX slot system, the BIOS, the RAM, etc. etc. but hey, with enough work you can modify your hardware enough to let anything become an MSX2+ Tongue

Van AxelStone

Prophet (3105)

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28-01-2015, 12:49

We allready have OCM / Zemmix. With KdL firmware you have this specs:

  • MSX2+ at 10.74Mhz
  • 4096Kb RAM
  • 1024Kb VRAM

This is the MSX2+ Plus you are asking about Smile