New cross-assembler for Z80/R800?

Door doba

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14-02-2003, 22:40

Hi folks, I feel a strong itch to write an open-source Z80/R800 assembler, which would benefit from some of the latest ideas from assembler translators such as NASM/FASM for X86.

I would be really glad if some of you will join in as alpha/beta testers and help making the product state of the art.

Once a good, fast and flexible assembler is completed, it would be a good time to start working on a modern optimizing ANSI C cross-compiler, cross-debugger and cross-profiler.

Tools for masses. Now.

PS: I reserved a nice domain name ( and SF.NET project (devkit).

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Van snout

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14-02-2003, 22:47

Are you going to create 'just' the assembler or an entire IDE? What would be the benefits compared to Compass or TNIasm?

Van BiFi

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15-02-2003, 15:11

I'm very curious as well about the pro's and con's compared to Compass and tniASM. Best thing is making an IDE with emulation of Z80 and R800 for debugging purposes. I still prefer coding on the real thing because of the debugging benefits. If there would be something like Compass (full IDE and stuff) on PC to do Z80 and R800 coding with, I'd be interested in trying it.