FS: Esh Aurunmilla, Badlands, Astron Belt Laserdisk Boxed unopened? PX-V60 MSX Laserdisc interface/computer

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19-11-2014, 21:22

Ok. All LD:s have their spinecards. Sealed but I guess it's Japanese dealer/shop sealed. Will not open them but if it is something else than the games declared I will of course arrange something if YOU choose to open them.

The PX-V60 however is another story. Although the box has normal wear everything inside seems to be unused/sealed. I am not 100% sure about this though so I say Mint in box.

It is still not possible to PM here right? so please mail me at negerpierre "att" hotmail "dått" com. You know what to insert at " " Smile

Although I have sold stuff here before I do not know about the rules if there are any for selling. So please correct me.

Please mail or make an offer in the thread. I live in Sweden. The stuff is heavy and I know quite well what it's worth but it will most likely accept an offer quite cheaper than ebay. Buyer pays +3% paypal fee or gift.


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Van Carlo1980

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20-11-2014, 18:18

Hi. I would like to know something more, can you send me a email ?
I would like to know if you want to sell computer and Lds separated.
If Yes, what is the price for only px-v60 and for Aurunmilla?
thank you


Van dimmuborgir

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20-11-2014, 22:58

Mail sent. Thanks.

Van Bel303

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21-11-2014, 12:23

Interesting for all, please contact me to peterbel404@hotmail.com.

Van dimmuborgir

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22-11-2014, 00:25

Pending payment for some of the stuff.

Mail sent to Bel303


Van dimmuborgir

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23-11-2014, 14:17

Everything sold. Thanks. Very nice guys! Great community!