Metal Gear speed run

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27-01-2006, 06:20

How fast can you beat Metal Gear?

So far my fastest time is 2 hours and 20 minutes.

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Van Rataplan

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27-01-2006, 08:06

you have got some work to do pal ;) it seems someone managed it in just over half an hour. I watched this about a year ago, it's amazing how fast they do it. Worth checking out!

I'm thinking about trying it myself to, but i think it is very hard to do it within an hour. Also I am not sure whether or not they used the hirake goma cheat for the ID cards, otherwise it's even harder...

Van evulopah

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27-01-2006, 12:28

Give me 10 minutes to beat the game....

Just have to use my save game Wink


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27-01-2006, 18:23

from tape?

Van rolins

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27-01-2006, 20:26

To beat MG in ~30minutes is unbelievable. I want to watch that speed run, but the link is broken since supernova no longer host torrents. I tried to search for the movie on google, but no such luck. Do you still have that movie saved?

In order to achieve 30min the player would have to forget getting most items. Such as the goggles, oxygen tank, flashlight, mine detector, and bullet proof vest. Including not saving Ellen. Most likely the author of the movie must be recording it using an emulator and savestates.

Van Manuel

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27-01-2006, 22:49

Try it on a real MSX with this.

Van dvik

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27-01-2006, 23:05

Isn't it a bit cheating using an emulator and save states for a speed run. And with an emulator it would be possible for a good MG player to finish in less than 10 minutes. Just speed up the emulation 5x or something Wink

Van rolins

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27-01-2006, 23:20

Yeah, I consider it cheating to use an emulator for a speed-run, but at this site they call it Tool Assisted.

A better site is and all their speed-run movies are the real deal.

Van [D-Tail]

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28-01-2006, 16:27

Saving ellen is necessary to achieve the rocket launcher and the compass, if I'm not mistaken... So it's actually obligatory Wink

Van rolins

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28-01-2006, 21:33

I think your right. oops.

Does anyone have that speed run movie saved or know another site I can download it from? I want see how MG can be beat in 30 min.

Van robertwilting

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28-01-2006, 22:49

It's in emulator and the person who made it said the following: " They're not "true" speed runs and probably won't be accepted by the hardcore speed runners. They're not a show off of skill either, since i used a lot of save states. Their purpose is really just to be entertaining videos of beating the game, with the fastest possible route and picking up only what you need."
More details from the man can be found here:;action=display;num=1118585105