Brand new turboR/FX/WX/WSX keyboard membranes: Are you interested?

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Van makinavaja

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16-06-2015, 21:40


Retrofan wrote:

Yes, too bad, but respect!
Maybe you guys are interested in this project as well? replace the diskdrive with one from PC without annoying belt ;) Only adapters can be pre-ordered. You have to get the diskdrive for yourself with ready signal activated. Very easy installation!
I would like to have 10 pre-orders. Payment via PayPal is accepted. I have to receive the payment without commission. (pay as "friend" option) Price: 35 euro plus shipping.

Maybe you should start a new thread for this. Please, try not to use this thread for other stuff, since I'm using it for finish all refunds and other stuff. So, if there appears more messages on this thread not related with the membranes and the money refunds, it will be a hell for me to locate all the messages I need. Hope you unrderstand it ;)

Van Retrofan

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17-06-2015, 19:41

Hi, yes, I understand, no problem ;-) Keep up the great work!

Van SkyeWelse

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15-07-2015, 16:28

Hi Makinavaja,

I was just wondering if perhaps you had an update regarding the membranes and what the company said about possibly offering a few at a discounted rate for a few folks like myself that were still interested, even though they aren't fully working versions. I was hoping to settle up with a friend of mine since we ordered ours together. I think that he was going to go with the full-refund option, but I was still curious about whether the membrane could be purchased for around 20 Euro or less if the company agreed on it, and if not I suppose I would want to take the refund option as well. In that case since it was my friend who paid for both of us, he would just get the full refund back and we could settle up later.

Thanks for your help with this and I apologize if I have not given you enough time to work things out with the parties involved.


Van Latok

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15-07-2015, 16:34

I have the same question. Any updates, makinavaja?

Van anonymous

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15-07-2015, 19:20

Maybe we should consider the option B from Brazilian guys who ordered Sony and Panasonic membranes there in Brazil. According to the information from wernerkai they work fine... check here.

Van mfeingol

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05-08-2015, 02:46


For those of us who never received our refunds, can you provide an update?

Thank you.

Van makinavaja

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06-08-2015, 23:33

Hi again guys
Well, there has been several little problems about this.
First, the sales manager hasn't been working for an injure he had during several weeks.
Also, they started holydays,like me (right now Im out from my home until 18th of august)
By the end of august, I hope having a final price and two membranes to fully test them after being repaired by me.
Im sure the prices are going to be higher than 20€, so dont expect nothing good from this.
Anyway, there are few users that wants now working membranes, no matter if they have to be modified.

Also, there are those users that informed me about refund (PLAN A) and I think all of them have their refund (maybe I forgot someone, I hope it doesnt...)

Finally, there are those users that are on Plan b or that still havent answered about their plans with this problem. As soonh as Im in home with final prices and two fully tested membranes (repaired by me) I will inform you.

Of course, if you are in PLAN B and you want your money back, please mail me and I will refund your money as soon as possible (well, now until 18th august it wont be possible)

Well, time to sleep for me after a long day in Sarajevo.


Van makinavaja

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26-08-2015, 18:13

Hi again
This week I called the sales manager and it seems that he is still enjoying the summer hollydays (he don't answer the phone)
I hope next week everybody will return back to work and hopefully I will have the membranes for test.

Anyway, remember that, at any time, those who choose plan B can change to plan A whenever they want, and they will have their money back as soon as possible. If you want to, please mail me, don't use the forum as I don't read it everyday.

Also, those who still didn't mention anything about plan A or B, I will mail you as soon as I have final price and have fully tested the keyboards membranes.


Van makinavaja

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03-09-2015, 19:57

Hi again

Finally yesterday I received 3 membranes ready for testing.
As soon as I repair them and fully test them with a big IRC session with obsonet (well, using the keyboard as much as I can) I will give the ok to this solution.
About the final price, I've got one question left to do to the sales manager about the sketch.

Soon, more news!


Van makinavaja

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07-09-2015, 19:45

Hi guys
Well, finally I've completly repaired one of the membranes I've received.
The process is easy but you need time, and be patience. Why?
Example: initially, key A works perfectly but, after reparing the key S, on the right side of the A, there are few possibilities that key A stops working properly.
Thats why I needed open and test the keyboard arround 6 times until everything worked properly.

The method used to repair the membrane can be explained with next picture:
Each key with problems has a little piece of black electrical tape.

Thats the method I use to repair the keyboard. Rarely, I needed to place two pieces of electrical tape.
Well, and now? I want to use this membrane as much as possible. How? writing a lot, playing a lot, no matter if its gradius, track and field, hero... its just to be sure that it doesnt fails again and that the membrane is able to work on a real enviroment.

Those on plan B: let me use / test the membrane, and then I will try getting final price from the manufacturer.

Well, thats everything until now. Those interested, very soon I will be on #msx channel at, chating with my turboR computer and using the membrane repaired just today.

Hope to see you there ;)


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