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Door Leo

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13-02-2003, 22:55

Does anyboby remember a file handler , a graphical interface , that was called "multi telopper" ,there was many tools included, I remember I had it more than 10 years ago on my SONY MSX2, but I am not sure of the name , I wonder if it is the same as hibrid .
But It was able to run on a HB500F with on ly 64k while hibrid needs 256K if I remember well...

BTW, anybody uses MSX windows 1998 or 2000 ??

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Van anonymous

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13-02-2003, 23:21


Van Leo

Paragon (1236)

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14-02-2003, 22:54

Yes that's the name but I remember I did not have need of the rom cartridge.
I remember maybe it was a 0.9 version but cant find it anymore ... too bad.

In general These graphical interface where well though the only probleem is that it was lacking info for programmer to use it in their own progies.