Multimente : what do filecolors mean ?

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19-01-2006, 09:30

Hi all,
As am knew with multimente (just got my first HD) I'm wondering what the colors of the shown files mean.
I've downloaded the manuel (v 2.05) but can't find anything about it.

I think it's like this:

dos/system files : yellow
directories : light blue
basic programs : red
other files : white

The HD came with some installed software (including MM) and when I used it the first time, the MSXDOS2 files ( and msxdos2.sys) where displayed in yellow.
By mistake I deleted msxdox2.sys
After getting it back with UNDEL, it's now colored white in stead of yellow.
Anybody know what has happened ?Question

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Van BiFi

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19-01-2006, 11:32

I can't recall how the switch was made, but there are two color schemes:

  1. colors depending on file attirbutes (readonly, archive, hidden, system, directory)
  2. colors depending on file types (based on extensions)

What probably happened is the file attributes have changed by either DEL or UNDEL.

Van Jazzy

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19-01-2006, 11:46

According to the Dutch manual you can change the colors with [SHIFT]+[0] or [']. It says:changes the colors of the files, depending on their extention.

I did a CTRL-F on 'color' in the English version but this gave no result. You can download the manuals (and Multi Mente) from my website:

Van msxrestarter

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19-01-2006, 13:00

The attributes of msxdos2.sys indeed changed.
Just set them to the same values as, but no luck.

I also tried a msxdos-floppy and here happens the same: is displayed in yellow, msxdos2.sys in white.

I'm seriously doubting my memory now, maybe msxdos2.sys was displayed in white after all. I didn't payed that much attention to it until it was gone and I had to undelete it.

Does anyone has multimente v2.05 installed ?
Please check if .sys files (like msxdos2.sys) are displayed in white (or yellow), thanx Smile

Van Manuel

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19-01-2006, 13:16

I think SYS files are just white. COM files are yellow indeed.

Van W76NearDark

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19-01-2006, 14:02

Yep, msxdos2.sys is displayed in white... is displayed in yellow.

Van msxrestarter

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19-01-2006, 16:59

Thanx guys, problem solved !Big smile

Van [D-Tail]

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19-01-2006, 22:49

MM will color any file that can be booted from it. E.g.: SC5, GE5, SC7, SR7, S12, PIC, MAG, <...>, they will all be displayed in purple. By default, when [RETURN]ing on them, MM will attempt to boot BLS.COM, a - afaik - free picture display program for MSXDOS, capable of handling most known file formats.

MGS files are green, which will be played in MM when you've got MGSDRV installed. PCM and PCK files are in blue, these are turboR PCM sample files. Needs another tool as well, PLAYPCM or PCMPLAY, or something.

If I'm not mistaken, you could also add your own file types to MM, so that it would color them. Or define the program that launches it. Just edit the MM.CFG file and inject it into MM.COM using CS.COM.

Van Manuel

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20-01-2006, 09:06

D-Tail MM will only do that (starting programs with the selected files when hitting return) if you set it up in MMRET.DAT. But this has nothing to do with colouring. It just colours on certain extensions, AFAIK.