Mini IQ3000 (Temporarily name for small project)

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Van barroidh

Master (166)

afbeelding van barroidh

10-01-2015, 11:36

I am interested in buying one if it is still available. Mail sent.

Van syn

Prophet (2096)

afbeelding van syn

10-01-2015, 12:00

I saw one in real life a few months ago at sanders party/mini event.. I was really surprised at the size.. such a cute mini msx Big smile

Van mygodess

Champion (275)

afbeelding van mygodess

13-01-2015, 06:54

[syn] Thanks Smile I'm pretty sure this one is the smallest msx which has keyboard function.

Van Lord_Zett

Paladin (807)

afbeelding van Lord_Zett

24-05-2015, 15:14

great small msx!

Van msxholder

Champion (399)

afbeelding van msxholder

24-05-2015, 23:27

And heavy too, if it accidently dropped it damages your floor
I love that machine even without Z80

Van doctorxyz

Supporter (7)

afbeelding van doctorxyz

04-03-2017, 11:04

I am interested on buying it... Where I can find it?

Van bootsector

Supporter (1)

afbeelding van bootsector

04-03-2017, 19:23

Me wantz this!!!!

Van akakor

Supporter (1)

afbeelding van akakor

31-01-2018, 12:46

Maybe this project can be fully open sourced (hard- and software), so others can continue development/make improvements?

Van yakumo

Expert (75)

afbeelding van yakumo

12-04-2018, 20:44

Hi people out there! I recently entered into the world of electronics. I am learning very slowly, but something took fast my attention, and that is fpga programming. Then I remembered projects like one chip msx. I know that the Altera chip used is the Cyclone EP1C12Q240C8N. There are plenty out there, but I would need instead a development board. There are not much development board for that FPGA, and the few are pretty expensive. I would like to know if someone know a FPGA with similar specifications that is provided also in a development board. I've found that many later Cyclone FPGA chips have less I/O than this one, for example. I am not sure what are the need for puting the one msx vhdl project. Anyone knows if a Mojo V3 could be of use?
Although I would preffer an original EP1C12Q240C8N in a development board, compatible alternatives are welcomed.

Thanks in advance.


Van st1mpy

Paladin (849)

afbeelding van st1mpy

12-04-2018, 21:25

For dev boards that have one chip MSX code ported, Terasic DE0 (even nano), DE1 and DE2. Apart from DE2 they are OK price used. May be you can still buy them, Terasic do have newer boards now though, but you'll need to do the pin assignments yourself. I would recommend you find a DE0 (not nano) on ebay for around 50 gbp.

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