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06-03-2014, 20:47

A question to the GFX9000 and Playsoniq users:

Which scart switch should I buy?
Today I received a scart swtich which unfortunatelly only has 5 pins connected. Maybe enough, but they're the wrong ones.
To prevent myself from buying a wrong unit again, I'd like to have some input.

The cvbs output on the Playsonic is of little use on my flatscreen because of the noise. Since my TV also has a component input and the Playsonic can't output that, I now have a DVD recorder as RGB2Component converter in the Playsonic cable, but this should not be the solution.

Please links to specific working scart switches which you are using.


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Van Haohmaru

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06-03-2014, 22:02

I have been using this one with my GFX9000 for well over a decade. Did not pay anything close to the listed price though.

Here is a picture

Van meits

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06-03-2014, 22:04

Thanks for the tip AND link.

No picture ghosting? I'd be very sad if I saw the Playsonic logo through my game Wink

Van Grauw

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06-03-2014, 22:57

Ha, that’s the exact same one that I have since forever Smile. Amazing they still make ’em!

Van Retrofan

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23-09-2014, 18:32

Me too!
@Meits: no picture ghosting indeed

Van meits

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24-09-2014, 00:09

Got a pair of 'em... They were too cheap a piece to order just one... Well, have some spare then Smile

Van Lord_Zett

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24-09-2014, 15:58

oww need that to