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Van Hrothgar

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24-02-2014, 19:47

I rather disliked the 300-points bug (where the score reverted to 0, even though it had 4 positions to indicate it), as well as the fact that the game sometimes contained twin names (DDR / Oost-Duitsland, Den Haag / 's-Gravenhage) so you had a 50% chance of failing in the quiz whenever you hit one of those. Oh, and that Vaals was positioned on the map lower than you could reach with your chopper. Quite clumsy.

A patch would be nice indeed :-)

Van Walter.MSX

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24-02-2014, 19:52

This is an EXCELLENT new !

I adore all the productions of RADARSOFT.
I would want to congratulate Cess Kramer, who realized the most fabulous software of PAO (computer-aided publishing) for MSX.

Thanks to his work, numerous "fanzines" (magazines of MSX associations in french) were realized with his software.
A statue for him ! ... or if it's possible, I'd wish an interview for posterity digital by MRC please ! Smile

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