WTB MegaFlashROM SCC 512kB

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Van DrWh0

Paladin (834)

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23-11-2013, 19:50

Dutch-lycan I have one of these with real SCC if you are still interested, you can see photos at my original post: http://www.msx.org/node/43742

My version is a 512kb+512Kb (original SCC with refurbished Konami cart)

The price is 50 euros plus shipping ;)

Van o.geerdink

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24-11-2013, 00:07

If he ain't, I am! oO

Van Meits

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24-11-2013, 22:29

Also bought a unit of this guy... Real SCC, wasted Konami case, 512K and works like a charm...

Van bakoulis

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02-12-2013, 11:16

Is a fantastic piece of hardware.
I will buy one definitely.

Van giuseve

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05-12-2013, 18:30


I'd be interested in it if you still have one.

Let me understand (I'm not an MSX EXPERT!!).
With this CART on my VG-8035 with 720K drive i can:
- upload a .rom file saved on a floppy to the megaflash and use it like an orignal Konami cart?
Is there an utility to manage all theese ?
How much Euros to sell it on Italy?


Van Marq

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06-12-2013, 00:18

That's pretty much how it works. You can get brand new MegaFlashROMs with nice extras such as an SD card reader, too: http://www.msxcartridgeshop.com/ That original one is more of a collectible IMO :)

Van Pencioner

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13-12-2013, 07:54


DrWh0, would you please contact me by email dedoogun_@at@_gmail.com ? I didn't find the link to send you private message on forum though Smile
I see you sell one MefaFlashROM with real SCC on ebay.es but indicated that shipping is not worldwide. I'd like to discuss and buy the one, if shipping to friend of mine to Germany is possible (though i'm in Ukraine but he will bring it to me next time visiting Kiev).


Van Pencioner

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13-12-2013, 12:17

Marq, I got two mp3 files one with SCC chip sound and other with FPGA chip sound (Manual Pazos kindly sent me those two so i can listen and compare). While the new MegaFlashROM is a great piece and i ordered one, i still want the one with real SCC - the sound from FPGS has small disadvantages. The high frequencies sounds 'flatty' (dunno how to explain correctly, btw, it isn't so bright, or so). It doesn't sounds the same, hence the people who wouldn't notice difference between np3 file and uncompressed original definitely will be more than happy with this sound. Btw, for some music lovers the real SCC would be not only collectible or so Smile

Van msxlegend

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13-12-2013, 20:52

I have a 2x512ko konami with a real scc cartridge.check here Wink

On ebay:


Van Marq

Champion (387)

afbeelding van Marq

13-12-2013, 21:38

Or more exactly, you had Smile

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