Snatcher manual scans

Door Retrofan

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10-02-2013, 10:26

Hi, I know there's a color scan in pdf format for the SD Snatcher game manual, but I can't find it for the Snatcher game. Could someone make a color scan in pdf format for the Snatcher game manual? That would be great. Thanks.

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Van Retrofan

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09-03-2013, 18:55

Found my scans (for personal use), so no longer looking for it!

Van Manuel

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09-03-2013, 20:33

Are you going to make them available for the next guy asking the same thing?

Van JohnHassink

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09-03-2013, 21:14

Van mars2000you

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09-03-2013, 22:11

The manual of the Sega version is available on the net, Google is your friend Big smile

Van Takamichi

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23-05-2019, 16:36

Van sergarbes

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27-01-2021, 20:08

Thanks a lot! Big smile