What about Nishi?

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Door Daemos

Prophet (2169)

afbeelding van Daemos

16-01-2013, 19:28

I am just wondering. Is Nishi aware that there is a pretty big community/scene still using the HW he once designed.
And if he would know about it, would he sometimes be reading this forum?

If someone would tell him about it would he join this forum? What would he be thinking.

I would smile in great pride even though I know my product didn't become the intented world standard. I would certainly be a part of this forum if I was the developer of MSX.

So what do you guys think.

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Van Manuel

Ascended (19678)

afbeelding van Manuel

16-01-2013, 23:12

Well, he did visit the MSX fair in Tilburg in 2001...

Van Alex

Master (207)

afbeelding van Alex

17-01-2013, 22:43

And more recently (though meanwhile also a couple of years ago) he was involved in the one chip MSX project and in the Japanese "MSX Player" emulator.

Van Manuel

Ascended (19678)

afbeelding van Manuel

17-01-2013, 23:09

Wasn't that just after 2001?

Van anonymous

incognito ergo sum (116)

afbeelding van anonymous

18-01-2013, 12:09

He's one of Shobi University professors nowadays.


Van Latok

msx guru (3960)

afbeelding van Latok

18-01-2013, 12:16

And he's head of Suma Gakuen Highschool.


Van Alex

Master (207)

afbeelding van Alex

18-01-2013, 18:15

OCM was released in 2006. So he has at least been involved with it until 2006.

Van SkyeWelse

Champion (471)

afbeelding van SkyeWelse

19-01-2013, 00:36

Hmm... This talk about Nishi has got me thinking.

Since it is the 30th Anniversary of MSX, why not have us band together to show our appreciation, a fan made digital E-Card or section on the MRC Website or something to that effect that could be made as a special thanks project of sorts that has at least the MSX logo and signatures / comments and location in the world from MSX enthusiasts across the globe and send it his way by email, (or to the school address if it's a physical item being sent).

My wife is Japanese and her family lives in Japan, so if there wasn't an easier method to send a physical item, I could probably set something up with her family and arrange it so that it is mailed to him at the school perhaps.

What do you all think about something like this? It'd be nice to show appreciation back in such a way that he could still see that MSX is still being appreciated to this day.


Van cklayman

Champion (294)

afbeelding van cklayman

19-01-2013, 01:48

I like the idea and certainly can contribute my signature Smile or perhaps something more substantial.

Van Daemos

Prophet (2169)

afbeelding van Daemos

19-01-2013, 09:46


Van tcruise

Master (135)

afbeelding van tcruise

21-01-2013, 02:53

An excellent idea, not sure what I can do to support it, but let me know if you need anything specific.

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