Snatcher on Ebay

Door RemcoZ

Paladin (966)

afbeelding van RemcoZ

28-09-2005, 12:56

It's very sad, but I'm putting my Snatcher for sale...
If the winner is going to the fair in Bussum I'll take it with me...

Ebay link

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Van tfh

Prophet (2980)

afbeelding van tfh

28-09-2005, 14:28

If it is so sad, then why sell it?

Van ro

Scribe (4488)

afbeelding van ro

28-09-2005, 14:57

why? it's a collector dude!

Van RemcoZ

Paladin (966)

afbeelding van RemcoZ

28-09-2005, 15:06

It a collectors item, that's for sure. But I don't collect. I happen to have a few great collectable items. Including Metal Gear and Solid Snake. And those I keep. Smile But Snatcher doesn't do that much to me. If it was a SD-Snatcher it would be another story. I have Snatcher for about 5 or 6 years now. And for the last five years (or more) it is sitting on a shelf getting dusty. And I certainly trust it wil go someone who will treat it well Wink

Van Niles

Hero (545)

afbeelding van Niles

28-09-2005, 16:59

I'd like to see on ebay all those cartridges and disks that are getting dusty around the world... Evil

Van kuuno

Master (231)

afbeelding van kuuno

28-09-2005, 22:51

the bad thing is that a product like this will go to someone with a lot of money.. such a shame.. (i want one..) -sigh
(i'm planning to go to bussum)