Snatcher for Sega CD

Door gillianseed84

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07-09-2005, 06:32

Hey there,

Just wanted to let you know about an auction on ebay for my sealed copy of Snatcher for Sega CD. This game was created by Hideo Kojima, creator of Metal Gear Solid and it's next to impossible to find a sealed copy of this game. It's a once in a lifetime auction.

eBay link

Seems like an awesome community here. Thought everyone might enjoy talking about this classic game in this thread or maybe some similar classic games. Ever play the game?

Thanks a bunch

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Van MrRudi

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07-09-2005, 12:45

I really doubt you had to say that Snatcher is a Hideo Kojima game here Smile And he's not the creator of Metal Gear Solid, but the creator of Metal Gear. And all its installments. Smile Don't you hate it when people call it the Metal Gear Solid series...

But I must admit I never played the Sega-CD version of Snatcher...actually I never really played any version of Snatcher, with the logical exception of SD-Snatcher. A Japanese only text adventure just isn't my thing Smile

Van Sonic_aka_T

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07-09-2005, 14:06

SNATCHER is a pretty cool game. The MSX version is okay, but it hardly compares to the Sega-CD version which, imho, is the best version of SNATCHER out there...

Van AuroraMSX

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07-09-2005, 15:59

But use is a sealed copy of any game!?
I'd say break that seal and play the g*dd**med game! ;-)
(Especially if the game involved is something like Snatcher!)

Van Gilneas2

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07-09-2005, 16:15

I've played the SEGA CD version emulated, and it's really *really* awesome. Only finished it once though, I'm not too crazy about RPGs.

In a gamespot article I read a while ago, Hideo Kojima was interviewed along with some other developers and he kept mentioning a cop example for the RPGs he was talking about. Either he's just very proud of the Snatcher series, or there's going to be a new Snatcher game in the future.

At least, I know (SD) Snatcher and Policenauts are in the Snatcher series, I don't know of any other famous Konami police game series.

Van kuuno

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07-09-2005, 18:10

Hideo must be proud....
When you play Metal Gear on the PSX, you can find a poster of Policenauts in the lab where you fight that ninja dude...

Van [D-Tail]

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07-09-2005, 20:17

What about all the Tokyo Eyes posters in Metal Gear Solid 2, or the Veronica Magazine in Metal Gear Solid 3? Smile

Van kuuno

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10-09-2005, 23:40

uuhr.. those are just frustrations.... (or groupies...)