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Door h0ffman

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06-10-2012, 23:20

Hey guys

First time post here. My name is Ian (aka Hoffman). I'm a demoscener and music producer from the uk. I'm more commonly linked with the Amiga usually, however I've got a bit of a soft spot of the msx and in particular the scc music from the old konami games.

So my main reason for posting here is I'm thinking of putting together a tune for the psg+scc soundchip. Looking through google the only software I can see listed is super music editor 3 but I can't find any links for download.

Just wondered if anyone could point me in the direction of this prof or maybe even a better solution which utilises scc??

Thanks for reading Smile



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Van Jorito

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07-10-2012, 00:29

Well, Super Music Editor 3 is also called SME3, that might help your search. It's probably best to just contact the author about it (I just found http://www.msx-plaza.eu/home.php?page=misc/sme3music), he ocasionally visits MSX fairs still so he probably hasn't forgotten about it and it's worth a shot.

Other options would be SCC Blaffer NT (it's in our downloads database) or the Japanese program MuSiCa. Or Trilobyte's Trilotracker, but that one is still in development and not available AFAIK.

SCC Blaffer NT (and Trilotracker as well) has a tracker interface, SME3 and MuSiCa use MML.

Hope that helps :)

Van meits

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07-10-2012, 00:29

If you insist on SCC *and* PSG, it's an option. If you like SCC with just PSG drums, you could try SCC Blaffer NT...
I'm not sure SME has a free release, but you could try to reach Alex Wulms. He can help you out.

Van h0ffman

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07-10-2012, 01:00

Cheers for the quick responses guys, really appreciate it. Managed to fire up scc blaffer in blue msx and it looks promising although I've not worked out how to load a song yet o hear what its like!

Van Huey

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08-10-2012, 06:37


With a little patience you'll be able to use TriloTracker. It's a new tracker based on Fasttracker 2 and Vortex Tracker II.

Van anonymous

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08-10-2012, 07:50

@ h0ffman
If you still didn't manage to get sound out of SCC Blaffer NT, try to "force SCC output" by:
[GRPH] + "1" or "2" (which would be [L-ALT] on your PC keyboard)
Hit [F-5] to get into the file menu and load the demonstration songs.

SCC-Blaffer NT is an extremely impressive, more than full-fledged program, especially for the time it was made, but it doesn't give you full (PSG) control or multiple events per step, although you can have an instrument change on the same step where you set a 'note'.
If you want full control over PSG & SCC and no limits concerning instrument or tempo change, pitch bends, volume changes, noise control, etc., then - what Huey said. Smile

Van d-fader

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17-01-2013, 12:28

For those still interested, iirc you can press CTRL+H in any screen of SCC Blaffer NT to open the online help (which is 'context sensitive') in which you can read about that screen and the shortcuts Smile

Van Alex

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17-01-2013, 22:39

I'm still planning to make SME3 freeware on some day. However, before doing so I must make the documentation available in a modern (e.g. html or pdf) format.

I started working on it a while ago but then it slipped from my attention again

Van Manuel

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17-01-2013, 23:10

Note that TriloTracker is probably the most powerful tool to make PSG+SCC music nowadays.