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09-09-2020, 14:55

Manuel wrote:

I couldn't find an answer about why MSX-DOS2 would be specifically like version 6 of MS-DOS.

Don't bother to seek... I think this is just Mars2000you imagination.

If we need to compare I would say MSX-DOS2 is more close to MS-DOS 2.x and Nextor maybe a bit closer to MS-DOS 3.x, but this is pretty stupid comparison as they have evolved to different direction. COMMAND2.COM v2.4x on the other hand has adapted much more features from 4DOS than MS-DOS, so... not a same thing.

Van bsittler

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23-05-2021, 08:02

An HDB-F1 I have came with a 2DD MSX-DOS 1 disk that boots up like this in openmsx after I make a disk image:


dadede17aaeb6852d83a33030027edb1  MSXDOS.SYS
08f84127e5baf86f659cf43adf4de246  COMMAND.COM
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