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Van evulopah

Paladin (669)

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30-06-2005, 08:51

@ Snout: you are so right about SD-Snatcher & Solid Snake that are not technically impressive... besides the slow game play everything is perfect... but that slow gameplay is disturbing.... if I play the game now... in the eighties/nineties it wasn't disturbing but now-a-days it is...

What I find technically a very good game is the Maze of Galious.. it plays so smoooooooooooooooth...

Van ro

Scribe (4486)

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30-06-2005, 09:32

MOG is simply AMAZING. I agree with EvilGranddaddy. Great gameplay, good story, nice GFX (for msx1), brill muzax and what not.
one of the best ever.

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