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Van Imanok

Paragon (1188)

afbeelding van Imanok

21-06-2005, 09:20

if I see what people can do with MSX nowadays, technically, I say yes.
but to achieve the same level of game-experience or gameplay, that's quite a different story.

I agree with that. Konami games are great, but most of their MSX2 games (except from Space Manbow) don't show great programming skills ... their real value comes from gameplay, graphics and music.

Van norakomi

Paragon (1092)

afbeelding van norakomi

21-06-2005, 10:53

Thanx for the info

Van Ivan

Ascended (9298)

afbeelding van Ivan

23-06-2005, 19:06

And it is one of the best MSX games and the last Konami game for MSX1.It's not the last Konami title for MSX1... Nemesis 3 deserves that honour Wink

According to this list King's Valley 2 is the last Konami game for MSX1:

It seems that it isn't a clear relation between RCXXXs and release dates.

Van SKiLLa

Expert (97)

afbeelding van SKiLLa

25-06-2005, 22:15

I love the MSX2 version. Such a cool game and nice graphics.
The 'freezing' part never bothered me ;-)

There is also a glitch / feature which enables you to evade enemies
when swapping screens (walking in/out a screen). Whenever a monster
swaps screens, you can do it at the same time (thus passing the enemy
without being hit ...)

You can also perform the jump + throw sword action which allows you to
take the sword with you (when performed correctly).

Van AuroraMSX

Paragon (1901)

afbeelding van AuroraMSX

25-06-2005, 22:47

Ah.... KV2. Tomb Raider avant la lettre Wink


Paladin (1012)

afbeelding van POISONIC

26-06-2005, 02:51

well i never saw a game for msx that could beat konami's skill's even the games that r made by amatures just cant beat konami's gfx and music style and gameplay.......

and i remember shires of enigma it was compared to be beter then kv2 but it didnt lookt better but the gamed sucked ass a thru way to waste your monny Smile

Van Sama

Ambassador (2061)

afbeelding van Sama

26-06-2005, 03:45

I disagree. Shrines of Enigma was not King's Valley 2, but it was not a bad game at all.

Van Abi

Hero (600)

afbeelding van Abi

26-06-2005, 08:58

Idd, Shrines of Enigma got nice grafics and nice music.
And the gameplay was fine too, i enjoined it very wel.
Like Umax RPG series, it's maybe not the high level of SD-Snatcher but the games are very wel and the story of them are good.
For amatures it is on a very high level.
And keep in mind that Konami got a 'BIG' name for us as MSX player, we were kids when we played thier game and we said WOW, AWESOME!!.
Three Years later after konami stopped programming games for our system, amatures made some games (after the demo period).
Ofcourse it did not tip on the so high Konami level as we had as kid in mind, but to be honest if i look to games which are programmed now (for example Bomaman) it is on very high level as konami games were.

Van pitpan

Prophet (3145)

afbeelding van pitpan

26-06-2005, 13:21

Returning to the KING'S VALLEY 2 original topic, I must say that the MSX1 version is technically impressive. For example, the main character uses 3 sprites (remember here the 4 sprite limitation of the TMS9918 and co.). Sound, of couse, is the same in both versions, but the detailed graphics of the MSX1 version are impressive, whereas MSX2 graphics are just "correct", and, I dare say, worse than in any other Konami MSX2 game (well, Contra and Quarth are not a good example).
Remember that it is AFAIK the only Konami MSX2 game that only requires 64 KB of VRAM. Despite the fun is the same, MSX1 version is on the top 10 of technically impressive games. However, MSX2 version is just Ok.

And I have to say this: I prefer the old-style, old-school King's Valley (1). For me it is still today one of the best MSX games ever. And there is much more action than in the sequel. Now, shoot at me. Wink

Van snout

Ascended (15184)

afbeelding van snout

26-06-2005, 14:29

Hmmm, which brings me off topic again: SD-Snatcher is a foooking great game, but it's not technically impressive. Same goes for Solid Snake and the MSX2 version of Kings Valley 2. Apart from Space Manbow, are there any other (really) technically impressive Konami games for MSX2? I can't think of one, at the moment... The decent looks, amazing audio and excellent gameplay often made the Konami games as cool as they were ands still are...

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