BACK! Panasonic TurboR GT & other rare MSX stuff on ebay!!

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23-04-2005, 01:59

Hi guys.

Finally, I am back!! Well, I've been kind of a busy to post all the items back on ebay but I finally managed to do that last night.

eBay link

For sale.

1. Panasonic Turbo R GT
2. SD Snatcher
3. Pana Amusement Pac (new)
4. Sony Data Cart

Future Sale.
1. Zemmix Super V with carts.

For those who doesn't know why my auctions abruptily ended about 2 weeks ago, someone tried to log in with my new ebay ID so ebay temporarily blocked it and ended all the auctions. It is all ok now but ebay doesn't want me to have two IDs (well, actually the other one belongs to my wife but what can I say) so I've relisted everything under my old ebay ID.

Thanks and enjoy!!

{Mod: changed the link}

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