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18-02-2005, 00:31

My question is fair simple: does anybody know where can I download it? Notice that I'm looking for MAP2.COM not MAP.COM that is easy to find. I'm looking for this because the Ultimate MSX FAQ, SCSI section says...

CALL MAP2: a newer version of CALL MAP and should be used first. If CALL MAP2 is not working, try CALL MAP. Ease from Philips is one the programs which will work fine with CALL MAP2 being executed first.
That is part of the ROM of the SCSI interface form Novaxis, but this program is also available as COM executable. I believe that NYYRIKKI have it according with this thread. Could somebody send me the file or put it on the MRC downloads database?

As you can guess, I want to try to run EASE form DOS 2 with that program.

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Van BiFi

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18-02-2005, 07:37

afaik there's only one difference between MAP.COM and MAP2.COM. With MAP.COM page 0 will always remain 3, as MAP.COM will not patch that part of the code where MAP2.COM will.


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18-02-2005, 12:34

Sorry, I don't have it here right now, but I'll try to remember send it to you next week. I have embedded it to most of my demos, but in BIN format. Maybe someone else can send it earlyer(?)

Van [D-Tail]

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18-02-2005, 12:53

If both programs are freeware, why not send them in to, so we can add them to our archives? :)

Van karloch

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18-02-2005, 21:44

Thank you so much, BiFi and NYYRIKKI! Smile I finally got EASE working with my Sunrise IDE and the turboR. It's a shame that EASE does not support MSX-DOS 2 capabilities, it is turthly the best MSX GUI and ofimatic suite.

Here you can find a screenshot of EASE running under MSX-DOS 2, Sunrise IDE, R800 mode.

Van spl

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19-02-2005, 14:25

Good news! Actually is a shame that we can't use the OS features of EASE, but the Ofimatic Suite is amazing Smile


Van scratch_disk

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22-02-2006, 18:18

Hi karloch,
I tried Easy and MSX Windows2000 on my MSX tR. The latter really sucks (sorry). I want to give EASE a try (since it's a decent UGI according to you). {moderated}

{mod: please guys, as far as I know EASE isn't quite freeware yet...}

Van karloch

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22-02-2006, 20:08

EASE is not a decent GUI... it's simply the best GUI. You can get it working on your turboR if you boot up in MSX-DOS 1 mode. However, you can get EASE working in MSX-DOS 2 and even with a hard disk if you load MAP2.COM.