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Van Low_Profile

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18-12-2004, 19:54

i most certainly did... especially the AM-fuzz sound... with 'X-ing' to create cutoff envelopes Smile

but my most used instruments are the pluckeds and the wide variety of fm-flutes Smile

Van bdendulk

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29-11-2005, 23:06

He's a chemist I think ..

Kind of, biochemist/molecular geneticist. Nice, but not as fun as making music.
I still try to make music, released 1 record at ‘first impression’ called ‘three phase fade’ (using the lame name 'amphian').
It has not sold well... If someone is interested I can try to MP3 it and post it somewhere. And if someone is REALLY interested: it still can be ordered at some sites, vinyl only.

Van Latok

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29-11-2005, 23:14

O no!! I am not a fan of BDD his music. I never said I was!! BDD, I deeply apologize for my fanboy remarks on these forums. You suck, ok? Tongue

Just out of curiousity, uhm......Where can one order that vinyl release?

Van BiFi

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30-11-2005, 07:04

Impact = am-fuzz2 and plucked3 Wink

and many started with those to play around with (I have to admit I did as well, though I never dared to release any of it).

anyway, welcome back to the coolest scene ever, BDD

Van SolidEric

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30-11-2005, 17:13

Welcome back, bdd, allways liked your music. I'm very curious about that vinyl release!

Van fondacio

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10-01-2006, 01:34

Hm, I just noticed snout called me here over year ago and I failed to notice... In the meantime, Ben dropped by in this thread, but he did not answer the question that started it, so I'll answer it for him, without asking for his permission... Note though that I never wrote any Impact music myself.*

Does that mean that they have made over 200 own musics??

Unsurprisingly, the answer is about the same as wolf_'s answer: There were indeed more than 200 Impact ### tunes, but Ben picked the ones he thought best for the musix disks. And more work did indeed go into the demo disks. For example, the music that you hear in the Solid Snake part of Impaccen & Wegwezen (which, by the way, is a remake of the opening tune of Sidmon 2 on the Amiga; I guess you can also call it a rip if you want to take a more cynical view, but that would not be fair if you look at the amount of work that has gone into it), is an evolved version of Impact 24.

And BDD was indeed the first one to make a lot of use of 3 FAC Soundtracker instruments: am-fuzz2, new wave 1 and dx7 piano 2. New wave 1 is the one with the annoying high pitch, while am-fuzz2 suffers from a low default volume that doesn't get much higher when you turn it up. dx7 piano2 only sounds good in the highest octaves. dx7 piano2 is an FM sound, while the others are AM sounds on a Music Module. These instrument choices were subsequently copied by many people who did not have a sense of music of their own and some who did. They kept doing it even when BDD himself had moved on to other instruments (and used A minor less due to a review by a certain Hayo Rubingh in MCM 50), which were often based on these three instruments but adjusted using tools that we made ourselves and were not available in Soundtracker by default. My sense is that other instruments which sounded as good only became widely available after Moonblaster was released, but as you all know we only produced one demo with Moonblaster music.

I think Ben's other innovation at the time was that he actually used almost all 9 channels at the same time. The FAC often used only four channels and used the other channels to change instruments, which is not a very efficient use of your resources.

* [ok, that's not quite true. Some tunes I made actually ended up on some Musix disks, but they're a bit embarrassing, especially when you compare them to BDD's and the ones that Powerrun (Michel Schouren) made; so I quickly returned to writing scrolltexts which are embarrassing to read nowadays and code that never quite cut it or crashed Musix Disk 3; in case anyone wants to know why I'm wearing a box in The Ant Demo, there you have it. Guess there's a reason why I turned to international law afterwards, but even then you run into Rikusu when you're supervising the exam-from-hell.]

Van wolf_

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10-01-2006, 01:47

Well, FST(2/pro) seriously lacked voice-editing, that's why everyone kept copying those voices Tongue

(well there was ofcourse the FST-pro bug which could change the voice on channel 1 ^_________^ )

Van SolidEric

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17-01-2006, 17:31

Thanks Fondacio for answering my question.Big smile

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