Bruce Lee YIEAR KUNGFU ?!?!??

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Door MäSäXi

Paragon (1884)

afbeelding van MäSäXi

02-12-2004, 13:14

Check this ebay link:

WHAT game is this??? On the cover is bruce lee of course but game name is somethin´ else... or is this some pirated konami game or what???

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Van Sama

Ambassador (2061)

afbeelding van Sama

02-12-2004, 14:05

Why don't you try buying it and share with us what game it is?

Van cax

Prophet (3736)

afbeelding van cax

02-12-2004, 14:54

last time I saw discussion on MRC about cassete with bload"cas:",r mark on it people decided it was a fake.
This time I think this is really a fake because it even asks you to type "cas" with 2 's':

very funny

P.S. in Konami's kungfu game the name of the boy is Lee, indeed.

Van DarQ

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afbeelding van DarQ

02-12-2004, 16:03

lee young is his name right??
btw: reading cas with double s doenst mean its a fake right away. even today we can see tracklists on original CD's with misspelled songnames (amateurs!!)....

Van cax

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afbeelding van cax

02-12-2004, 16:08

let's define what's fake and what's not.
If I start producing such a cassettes at home - will it be fake ?
If I will order such a cassettes in some small studio/factory - will it be fake ?
If I was doing it back then, in year 198x - will it still count as fake ? Old, maybe rare, but fake ?

Especially knowing that Konami published MSX games on cartridges and floppies.

Or, for being a fake, it needs "Konami" on the box, and without that it should be called somehow else ?

Van enribar

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afbeelding van enribar

02-12-2004, 17:02

This is the real story...
I have many cassettes of Armati collection: first is River Raid, then Booga Boo, The Dam Busters, Konami's Soccer, Super Cobra, The Way Of The Tiger, etc...
Armati was an Italian company who bought rights to publish some games as cheaper version of the originals (as you say...'budget', right?).
So that cassette is a normal Ye Ar Kung Fu, and cover is only a beautiful picture, nothing related to the game.
Package include: the cassette (as you see) and sometimes a little one page manual (in b/w colors).
If I have some time I could scan all the covers I have.
N.b.: some Armati software is also 'rare'. It was made by users (and I hope it's not too late to transfer it in dsk, to save it...)

Van ro

Scribe (4454)

afbeelding van ro

02-12-2004, 17:33

and those were ORIGINAL cassetes enribar?

Van MäSäXi

Paragon (1884)

afbeelding van MäSäXi

02-12-2004, 18:04

whoops.. I completely forgot possibility that it could be cheap release.. like enribar said, so thank you enribar! Smile

and that fact that some game can have loading or whatever instructions misspelled don´t make game fake. I have MANY original cassette games which have misspelled loading instructions, some even have completely wrong command... like this: cassette label says LOAD"CAS:",R and program is originally CSAVEd on the cassette... Tongue

And then what about games which have misspelled title etc. on titlescreen?? they are not fake too.

Van flyguille

Prophet (3028)

afbeelding van flyguille

02-12-2004, 18:08

the same here, in argentina, were a company that sold a lot of konami games.... on the cassette has a label (like) 3M labels). Over it you can read the game name, plus " bload"cas:",r ". I not remember about the box. I bought a lot of game there. A lot of konami too.

Van cax

Prophet (3736)

afbeelding van cax

02-12-2004, 18:39

The question is:
are those Konami publishers really had license to sell games on cassettes ?

Did Konami produce master cassette for them or they just copied the game from the cartridge, attached some loader to it and started to sell ?

Hard to believe Konami agreed to sell it's games on cassettes.
(I am already not talking about possibility to load the game onto multiple MSXes at the same time and ability to CSAVE to another cassette - you can't copy from cartridge as simple as from cassette).

If I make many copies of Metal Gear Solid for PC CD with nice labels and start to sell them for pennies - will you call this "cheap release" ?

Van Sonic_aka_T

Enlighted (4130)

afbeelding van Sonic_aka_T

02-12-2004, 18:41

I doubt they were licenced indeed... They're prolly just illegally distributed copies... That still doesn't make 'em fake tho Wink

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