Dungeons and Dragons - First screenshots

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Van [D-Tail]

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16-11-2004, 06:08

What you actually do, is switching over to screen 8 and setting the YJK bit (R25 bit3). When using screen 11, the YAE bit (R25 bit4) is also set. Furthermore, you copy the direct video stream one-on-one to the VRAM and switch pages accordingly.
It's as easy as that. The sound data is sent to the MSX-AUDIO/SIMPL/PCM according to the parameters, it will use MSX-AUDIO when PCM is not present and it will use PCM by default in case of the turboR.

Van Oscar

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03-06-2007, 18:33

What happened to this cool game? When will be released for people around the world??

Van SLotman

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03-06-2007, 23:49

The problem is burocracy Sad

The game is too big to be downloaded, and to ship it internationally, I have to fill up *a lot* of forms; and only some selected post offices have them... and unfortunaly I dont have that much spare time to do this Sad

And believe me, I have like 10 D&D sitting right next to me, and I would love to sell them... Sad

Van Edwin

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04-06-2007, 00:00

The game is too big to be downloaded

Too big huh. That would be about ........ 5000GB then. Quite a game! Wink

Van Manuel

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04-06-2007, 00:01

Maybe put it on a cd and let the buyers put it on floppy? YOu could include disk labels in the package.

Van snout

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04-06-2007, 00:34

Perhaps MRC can help with bandwith for a downloadable version? Although not officially announced yet, some changes are planned for the webshop. This includes adding the possibility of direct payment to sellers' paypal account. And, being a foundation and all, we don't have to make money on it whatsoever.

Van SLotman

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04-06-2007, 05:29

Well, the big problem for D&D "downloadable" is it's size... the game *compressed* takes 265Mb (Uncompressed the game takes 503Mb)!

Even with the most generously offer, I doubt too many people would be able to download that, and even then, the bandwidth cost of it would be huge...

Van Sd-Snatcher

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04-06-2007, 07:20

Somebody says bittorent?

Van ro

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04-06-2007, 09:09

yeah, me thinks BT too.. 300megs is peanuts man.

Van snout

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04-06-2007, 09:56

SLotman: let MRC worry about bandwidth. Assuming you'd still like to sell the downloadable version I'm not expecting hundreds of downloads a day and... we have a few TB (!) of datatraffic to spare.

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