Quickshot joystick malfunction with SONY HB-F700

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10-11-2004, 00:32

Hi everybody,

I've got a multisystem Quickshot MAVERICK 1 joystick, I've been using it with a PHILIPS MSX2 VG-8235 an also with an AMSTRAD CPC 464 and the joystick worked perfectly.

Recently I've plugged it to a MSX2 SONY HB-F700 and I don't seem to get any signal from it in any of the ports. It's strange because the SONY MOUSE works OK, but I can't get the joystick to work.

Can anybody help me?



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Van Repair-Bas

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10-11-2004, 19:13

Maybe you are luck that the mouse works this time
Check the connection inside the sony.

You can solder them again, but watch out. Max tempeture 350 degrees Celcius.
You also use some M3 screws to connect the connector to the PCB to make it stronger.