Realms of Adventure battle mode.

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Van Umax

Rookie (25)

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26-10-2004, 14:36

I'm more the hack'n slash dude myself (no seperate battle system) so euh, could you not just drop the whole turn based batteling ?!? you can have "little" animated characters on screen just slice'm and get some extra HP/EXP yeah!
I like that too but it doesn't really fit in the current game style, with a party of players and all. Plus you don't get to see all the cool effects unless you really put a lot of work in it. (can't do)

Van [D-Tail]

Ascended (8247)

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26-10-2004, 14:55

I think mirroring Illusion City with the battle mode is quite a nice thing to achieve Smile Animation + high detail, whatever more could we wish for? Big smile

Van wolf_

Ambassador_ (9888)

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26-10-2004, 15:08

a nice pasta with tomatosauce?

Van sjoerd

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26-10-2004, 15:24


Van JohnHassink

Ambassador (5583)

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09-12-2004, 14:14

Look at the SNES game Breath of Fire, in which the battles are also turn-based.
On lots of occassions, an enemy is animated by simply moving parts of the original sprite.
For instance, the pig headed orcs that swing their weapon; Only their torso moves around.
Another example are some dragons you encounter, it's just the parts of the neck that move along with the head.

Doing this, you can also have an animation(-ish) effect without using more video ram space.

Also, did you consider using hardware sprites for projectiles and such?

Van DarQ

Paragon (1038)

afbeelding van DarQ

12-12-2004, 19:33

..or have it the Ys/Xak way (which i prefer most)

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