For sale: SVI-2000 Robot Arm (CIB)

Door Rouhija

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06-10-2004, 19:33

I have for sale SVI-2000 Robot Arm. The arm works with four D sized batteries and can be controlled via two 2button joysticks. Or the arm can be controlled via MSX computer with special cart which were sold separately (I don't have one, and have never seen one..)
I think I've heard that you could possibly build controlling cart by yourself. Someone with more information could confirm this.

The arm comes in box and with every part. The arm didn't originally have manual so the set is complete. And the arm is in perfect working order and in good condition. No joysticks are included.

Some pictures:

The postage is around 20-50e to anywhere in the world. I have to check the actual price depending on the country and the wanted way of delivery.

Payment by paypal or direct money transfer to my account.

Offers can be sent to ---- ----

If no good offers the arm goes to ebay. :)

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