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Door snout

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26-12-2002, 17:10

Are you currently developing software? Do you want to let us know or do you need some help? Are you thinking of developing software? Post it all in this topic? (or create a separate topic yourself Smile)

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Van Leo

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22-01-2003, 21:43

Is there any body working on a game using most advanced features of MSXs ?

Eventhough not everyone have them, it can then help to justify cost of such a hardware.

Van anonymous

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23-01-2003, 01:43

Right now I'm working on an a game for standard MSX2 (64kB RAM), but I am very much thinking about doing a game for Gfx9000, MoonSound and probably either turboR or LPE-Z380.

Especially for Gfx9000 I think it is justified to program games for it, because so many of these hardware pieces are sold already! (Ofcourse MoonSound too, but that is already widely supported)