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Van snout

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09-01-2003, 15:36

The advantage of siple games like puzzle games and racing games etc. is that they are very easy to understand, so you need no or little translation to release them in Japan.

Van Jorito

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09-01-2003, 19:37

hmmm.... true... but... a translated version is always a nice bonus Smile I wonder, Bombaman is a simple game, but still we translate it into Japanese. Why!? Just because it's cool and to show people we can Wink

More or less back to the topic; a game can probably be an even bigger success if you don't limit yourself to one country (or one continent for that matter). With Internet available nearly anywhere, why not go international with a game? Also, just drawing 'local' talent can be convenient, but due to Internet you can also expand your team and horizon to other countries! This would also be a nice solution for the too many gfx people in Spain and the too many coders here in Holland, for instance "_

Van Grauw

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10-01-2003, 17:29

'Too many coders'?? Ghe, where did you get that from??? -_-;;

Well ok but I must agree for a bit that there are indeed very few really good graphics artist in the current Dutch MSX scene. I know Robert Vroemisse, but as for the rest it's hard to find one, so when I'm working on my own projects I use self-made graphics which are usually intended to be replaced by 'real' ones later on.

Musicians at the other hand... hehehe...

(Jorito is starting to feel uncomfortably obsolete by now ;p)

Lol, ok, enough fun for today. Heh Jorito, make some more cool music for us! (and Wolf, if you by any chance read this, I loved the xmas2002 song, so please!).


Van wolf_

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14-01-2003, 00:00

little chance! since I mostly click on the most recent posts on the frontpage, and I haven't checked for some days Smile

Let's have this deal:

"meridian" + "I like it" + "seperate replayer" = new musicdisk for the soonest 'realistic for me to do' fair..

ok? Smile

Van Grauw

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15-01-2003, 04:05

Heh, if that's the case I will even write that music replayer myself ^_^.


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