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25-12-2002, 01:51

I saw an old poll about what new things people wanted to on MSX. The result was almost 55% wanted to see new games.

Currently, TNI is working with some other persons to create a very exciting and addicting puzzle game. You will hear about it in due time. :)

Now I ask all of you, what kind of games do you want? I have some ideas on what I would want to do, but suggestions are welcome.

Also, as so many Gfx9000 cartridges are dusting away, I was thinking of making a game for it.

And/or maybe LPE-Z380?

Please, any suggestions are welcome!

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Van wolf_

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25-12-2002, 11:38

A good rpg, as classy as sd-snatcher/xak/dragonslayer6.

I'm willing to compose, as long as it's for opl4 only Smile

Van DarQ

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25-12-2002, 13:29

monster RPG and huge like whatever.... RPG rules

Van mighty.m

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25-12-2002, 14:05

it's obvious... making a huge RPG such as DS6 take loads of time to create (storylines and such, the huge plot)... Maybe we need to try making more arcade style games (such as Space Manbow and Aleste). The graphics could be nice cause it's been done before (Aleste again) and OPL4 music can be added. Why are people always saying "that's been done already..." ? I still find myelf playing F1 spirit ocassionaly in stead of GT3 on the PS2... both games are equally as nice i guess... oO

Van snout

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25-12-2002, 14:16

Mighty.m has sure got a point here. It's cool to play RPG's indeed. But very hard to actually make an RPG that's worth playing. (Although... other games should not be underestemated as well). For an RPG you'll need a good story with enough plot changes, a lot of cool graphics and music and a well-thought ranking system. Especially the story and graphics take a lot of time. Personally, I'd like to contribute some ideas and music to a new game of any kind Wink

Van Bart

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25-12-2002, 16:12

creating an RPG is indeed pretty cool. But, as stated, involves a lot of work. But that doesn't mean it cannot be done. Nowadays there are a handful of MSX pogrammers coding different things for MSX. If they all would be willing to work together and the same for gfx artists, then maybe it will be possible to develop some rpg in a normal timespan.

Van wolf_

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25-12-2002, 17:02

For sure an RPG takes loadsof develop time. For 1 coder it's a pain, for whole team, where several code modules are split amongst coders, it's more manageble. You need a technical main-coder who comes up with the technical engine and figures out how to split the project into modules. GFX take time, however, the latest POVRAY supports orthographic 3d, meaning that it's possible to raytrace 3d, without perspective. This is perfect for semi-3d things like simcity, or the familliar rpg dots. This means that designing the gfx this way is more easy than handpixeling all. And faster!

Van chaos

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25-12-2002, 18:51

With a good team, making an RPG shouldn't be that hard. Though the main problem is motivation nowadays. As stated before, creating an RPG takes loads of energy/work.

I don't think a main engine is the biggest problem, but what about maps, the storyline, triggers, graphics, demo's (even with Povray wolf Wink) etc.

A nice development environment would be nice for this. and what about a tool to edit maps (including the triggers, monsters, ppl tot talk too etc. etc).

Once you've got this, it's much easier to create RPG's, and it can be re-used, or used for making other games.

Van wolf_

Ambassador_ (9956)

afbeelding van wolf_

25-12-2002, 19:12

Those tools should be made on a PC ofcourse, there's nothng wrong developing msx games on a pc, since there're also msx-z80 assemblers on pc Smile

Some ppl even make fonts to be used in msx demos in paintshop pro Smile

Bigger teams always have been a sortof oddball in the msx scene. Coders start individuial as scrolltext/screensplit coders, by the time the joung coders wanted to do more advanced stuff they went on to study or bought a pc, both decrease your time! Smile

Pulling together a develop team (mainly coders, artists are more motivated to finish something) is harder than the game they've to make!

Van snout

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25-12-2002, 22:56

Wolf is right.. there's nothing wrong with cross-development. Indeed, one of the main problems is getting and keeping a team together. We do have plans at the MRC to create a platform to make this easier, but creating such a platform itself is quite hard to do as well Smile. Besides, we have other priorities.

As for a game suggestion: How about a restyle of something like traiblazer? I for one really liked that game!. (Squeek! Squeek! Tongue)

Van anonymous

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26-12-2002, 00:22

Yes, wolf is very right. Personally I haven't developed for MSX on MSX in years! I always use tniASM and PSP for MSX developing.

As for maps, triggers, etc, there are very good tools on PC that can handle all that perfectly. openTUME being the best in my eyes.

Still... Developing the story takes a while... I've been walking around with a cyberpunk RPG ever since 1994... A lot of my ideas have been incorporated in PC games since that time ^^; (I should've patented them ^_^)

Anyway.. the story really is the biggest problem. I do have an outline of it, but filling in all the small details that make the game fun to play and extensive enough is really hard.

Hasn't the dutch MSX scene made enough RPG's already? (all UMAX games for example)

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