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Van ro

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02-01-2003, 11:26

[..Did you actually SEE 'Revolution'? Are you sure it's the same kind of 'rotating'? I'm not talking about 8x8 scrolls where letters fly over the screen.

If you can specify which picturedisk exactly, I can look it up...]

Uh, nope. haven't actually seen that demo (so, I should keep my mouth shut) but hell, just wanted to mention something. .. and NO it's not your average whimpy 8x8 sprite rotation kinda scrolla thingy... it's actual GFX (screen5) stuff.... but heck, it's been sooo long ago I really can't remember where I put it.. ghehe.

wait up.... I remember a picture disk where Mi-chi had a demo... thaz where I put something... I think... nevermind me, I'm old and sufering from somekind of sickness which cause to lose intellectual capacity... atleast, that's what my shrink keeps repeating.

Van Haohmaru

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21-01-2003, 14:21

And the dancing girl in LYRA-II. That one was amazing!

That part was completely ripped from C=64

If you read the text below, you would have guessed that.

I know the music is from Hollywood Poker Pro, but as I haven't seen any C=64 demos (I still have to buy a C=64) I cannot tell where those Russian drunks got the graphics from.

I agree with you LYRA-II is an amazing demo, I still watch it from time to time.

Too bad we lost a lot of good coders for no apparent (is that correct English?) reason. I mean none of those old groups have every explained exactly why they quit MSX and what they are up to now.

Van Latok

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21-01-2003, 14:52

Too bad we lost a lot of good coders for no apparent (is that correct English?) reason. I mean none of those old groups have every explained exactly why they quit MSX and what they are up to now.

That's a very interesting question. I think there are 2 reasons, to be honest. The first one is kinda sad, but it struck almost every MSX group in the last 10 years. They all say: 'We are bored programming the MSX. There is no scene anymore' etc. etc. Right, so they switch to another platform, mostly PC....There they struggle for some time and finally, go down in complete anonymity....

During their PC struggle, they grow up and here's the 2nd reason: WOMEN!! They find themself some girl and get their heads full with ideas like 'I'm no longer a nerd' 'I have my responsibilities now' 'I have a job which costs me time' 'I have to take care for my 2.3 kids, a labrador and my just bought house' etc. etc.

So, here you have it Smile

O yeah! There is a revival. After say about 10 years, these people are settled and experience their first midlife crisises....Then their minds go waaaaaaaay back to that beloved MSX system, boot up their PC and start searching for 'MSX'.....What do they find?!?! :P :P :P :P


Van Latok

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21-01-2003, 14:54

Anyway, back to the topic, ok?! After all, I AM the moderator of this forum Smile

Van pitpan

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21-01-2003, 16:15


Let me do my little contribution to this thread: I think that the most amazing demos ever coded for the MSX system are Bandwagon's (surely this is awfuly written) productions!

But now I have important information for you: they are NOT for first generation MSX!

They are supposed to run fine on any MSX computer with disk drive and 64 KB of RAM running MSX-DOS, but they do not work on MSX1 systems using TMS9918/TMS9928.

So, what's wrong? All the code is fully MSX1 compatible, but they coded and tested it using a SVI-738 computer. As you should know, this machine is a MSX1 featuring a V9938 VDP (MSX2 video). This VLSI integrated supports higher transmision rates and that is the basis of Bandwagon's demos.

In conclusion: they are the best MSX demos, but they DO NOT WORK on normal MSX1 computers. I did my own tests with the following computers: SONY HB-75, PHILIPS VG-8020 and TOSHIBA HX-10. "SCREEN 3" part runs fine, but in "SCREEN 2" part, part of the image is missing. Again, it works fine on my NMS-8245 and SVI-738.


Van Latok

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21-01-2003, 16:18

Cheers for that, pitpan!

Van scratch_disk

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21-01-2003, 16:39


I enjoyed Ray Tarcing Demo and The Swiss demo very much, and both are written by brilliant Mi-Chi who showed great interest on GFX9000, but I think his desire to code for MSX already vanished.

Well, for the Ray Tracing Demo, I liked the rotating background with big and fast scrolled text (that's TurboR section). Can somebody tell me whether this scroll are giant sprites or normal pixels. I'll be shocked if they are pixels.

These two demoes are the most that I liked (since I didn't have the chance to see much other demoes)

Van anonymous

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21-01-2003, 17:47

I haven't seen that demo, but I bet they're using a character mode (screen 2/4). Fast scrolling text is probably 8 pixels per interrupt. Hey, that's exactly one character Tongue

Although they COULD be magnified sprites ofcourse... Hmm.. you just gave me an idea Smile

Anyway, there are several possibilities, and I would have to see it to know which it is.. Is there a diskimage of that demo available somewhere?

Van Bart

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21-01-2003, 18:38

'I have to take care for my 2.3 kids

2.3 kids? what's that? 2 kids and some bodyparts of a third? Big smile

Van Latok

msx guru (3841)

afbeelding van Latok

21-01-2003, 18:41

Heheheheh. I believe it's the average child rate per couple in Holland Smile

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