Thinking of selling my MSX stuff

Door kuuno

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20-08-2004, 15:00

Hello everybody,

I'm thinking about selling all my MSX stuff (oh well.. almost all).
Reason? It is catching dust and I don't think I will ever connect it and start working with it again.

At present I have the following stuff here:
2x MSX 8250 (1 with dos2 build in, a bit defective tough);
1x Philips monochrome (green) monitor;
1x Philips color monitor;
1x MSX 2+ Wavy 70FD2 (Complete in box and manuals, needs to be looked after, Power supply is missing);
1x Toshiba MSX 1;
1x Sunrise IDE interface;
1x MSX music Module;
1x FM stereo PAK;
1x Toshiba music module and keyboard in box (mint condition);
Around 5 boxes of software (originals and uuhr.. copies)
Originals include:
Fac and Moonsoft musix software;
Demo disks, utils.
Also some MSX magazines, Philips MSX product book and basic code books.

So If anyone is interested...
How much would you be willing to give for it?
(all in one buy, buyer picks it up, I live in The Hague)


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Van elements

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09-09-2004, 15:23

1x Sunrise IDE interface;
1x MSX music Module

do u sell it? im interested in these items, can u mail me back to

Van Jazzy

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09-09-2004, 15:28

Hi Kuuno,

What a surprise! Not. Wink

Please send me a mail to discuss this further:

Van Repair-Bas

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09-09-2004, 17:10

I want to buy it in one time. Please mail me

Please mail me your phone number

Van roadfighter

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09-09-2004, 19:58

Maby you could put it on ebay so everybody can get wat the want en you can get the best out of it.
Set some nice pices and you can get some nice money out of it.

Van kuuno

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11-09-2004, 23:52

well.. the thing is.. I'm thinking of it..
I didn't made up my mind (yet), there is a lot of blood, tears and sentiment in it.
(the last one is the hardest one..)
Also.. I'm not planing to make a big (money) deal out of it (altough a TR would be nice Wink)
Give me some time to think it over, also because there is software in it that is not supposed to hit the MSX scene (unless permission by some ppl is given).

I'll get back on this topic when time is ready (as in, when I'm ready Wink)
- Q

Van dhau

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14-09-2004, 00:19

People, buy this Sanyo Wavy MSX2+ now!

Van Jazzy

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14-09-2004, 07:06

People, buy this Sanyo Wavy MSX2+ now!I've sent Kuuno an email.