Metal Gear Translation (hacker needs a script)

Door Nekura_Hoka

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17-08-2004, 18:25

Let me apologize first if this isn't posted in the proper location in the forum, but I wasn't sure where to put this. Ive visited here a couple of times, but not really participated until this moment.

To the point. I've pretty much got the text formatting and addressing of the original Metal Gear on MSX figured out. I did a script dump a while back of the UK version script and its been posted on GameFAQs since I finished it and this interested me in doing the hacking for a translation from the original (and complete) Japanese script.

I've seen some threads here and elsewhere mentioning scripted projects without hackers from a year ago or so. I would like to get my hands on one of those scripts and begin to hack it into the ROM.

I whipped up a quickie webpage to host an example of what I can do at this point and includes more details (my email for contacting me) and a link to my script dump of the UK MG.

Please visit it, check out my example, and email me (or respond here) if you can help me. Thanks for any help anyone can provide! ;D

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Van Grauw

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17-08-2004, 19:06

Right, I recall that being discussed...

/me googles (because the MRC search function sucks ;p)

There... Dr. J is the man you need.


Van Nekura_Hoka

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17-08-2004, 19:35

Thanks, I've just contacted Dr. J. Although, I still encourage anyone else who may have such a script to reply as I have no idea what the status of the Doctor's project is at this point.

Van anonymous

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17-08-2004, 23:21

If you can't get in touch with him, I have the annotated translated script dated April 23rd 2003 from that project.

Van Nekura_Hoka

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19-08-2004, 16:04

I've been in contact with Takamichi Suzukawa (thanks go out to him and Ola for forwarding him). He's sent me a script he did a while back and I'm working with it atm. I must say I'm suprised at the amount of messages that were cut from the game, but given the limited space I see why it was done. Anyway, thanks also to those who offered help. I'll post here again whenever I get this done.

Van anonymous

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19-08-2004, 16:28

That's the same script. The version I have is proofread. Yours might be too...
Good luck with the hacking!

Van Nekura_Hoka

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20-08-2004, 18:55

Thanks for the good wishes. I've updated the geocities site to be used as a progress page for the hack (as suggested by Ola ;D). I'll update it as major things happen.

Also, although I have expressed confidence in the possiblilty of success in this project, at this point there's no telling whether it can be yet. For anyone who knows the problems with NES rom expansion attempts, you know what I mean. :\

Van Dr. J

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23-08-2004, 06:15

Hey there, nice to see this revived... Please drop me a line at jonnytee -at- I never got your other email. Smile Looking forward to chatting with you - include an AIM sn or ICQ number if you have one.



Van Plínio

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23-06-2006, 03:28

Good, let me know somethings to you..

Here have an guy to know the portuguese translations of Metal Gear, and i only know the Metal Gear 2 of Andre Possebon.

Please, see here