RPG engine for MSX

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Van Thom

Paladin (691)

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11-08-2004, 09:23

In my opinion a game made with 'game makers' like Dante 2 should not be recognized easily as being a typical 'game maker X'-game. An RPG-editor should be really flexible in all kind of areas.

Van Maggoo

Paragon (1216)

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11-08-2004, 09:38

Wolf_: Even if I see your point, I beleive at some point you'll always end up frustrated with a generic engine. There will always be "something" missing that you might want and that is not in the generic engine, and for that little something you'll always need a coder. That doesn't mean the generic engine is useless.

Too many times you see different team working on different projects re-doing the same routines (loading routines, animation routines, text display routines, editor, etc...). I see the use of that generic engine into providing that minimal set of functions that you don't have to redo all over again unless you got a lot of time to waste. After that when you define your game, you have at least some specs to keep in mind and an idea of the overhead your "special features" will require.

Van BiFi

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11-08-2004, 10:23

Adding something to a generic engine will only result in an even more complete generic engine.

Van wolf_

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11-08-2004, 12:58

Maggoo: a generic game-engine made for artists always means that at some point you'll 'miss' some code. However, if the engine can be at least comparible with SD-Snatcher, DS6, Xak etc. etc. then I think we've some nice engine already, considering the fact that these games were ranked quite high in the several polls MRC did in the past. Actually, if one makes an RPG engine for artists, and the engine is comparible with those games I mentioned, I think ppl are celebrating a party actually!
For myself, I would focus more on atmosphere anyway.

Van ro

Scribe (4698)

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11-08-2004, 13:01

Well, G, start coding!
(I see a challenge in this)

Van anonymous

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11-08-2004, 13:47

You're telling me?
You really might want to read last night's #msxdev logs. We had discussions about RPG's and speeding up MBWAVE. I'll mail 'em to you if you want.

Van ro

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afbeelding van ro

11-08-2004, 14:00

haha, cool. sure mail the logs.. infact can't you put'm online somewhere?
neh, I was merely makin' a little joke (since you seem to be the most fanatic coder around here these days.. u know)
(yeah, you can actually mail me the logs.. if they're interesting)

Van sjoerd

Hero (602)

afbeelding van sjoerd

11-08-2004, 14:13

Uhm, GuyveR800, I'd be interested in those logs.

Van anonymous

incognito ergo sum (116)

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11-08-2004, 14:40

neh, I was merely makin' a little joke (since you seem to be the most fanatic coder around here these days.. u know)
Maybe, but I also have quite a lot of plans, and while an RPG engine is part of that, the extra work involved in actually designing such a game causes me to keep pushing back work on that.
Current plans are (in somewhat chronological order):
- finishing guru logic
- work on the new tniASM (rewriting it again for even more flexibility)
- develop MoonSound/MSX-MUSIC/MSX-AUDIO/PSG/SFG-05 music/sfx editor/player.
- work on GEM and my new emulator (exciting!)
- unspecced shoot'em-up and castlevania/metroid type games

I prolly forgot something...
Anyway, enough to get me through the coming years... Some stuff is Gfx9000, some stuff will be turboR or Z380, we'll see when the time comes...

Van snout

Ascended (15187)

afbeelding van snout

11-08-2004, 15:25

The advantage of these days compared to the late-scene days in which, indeed, quite some initiatives to create cool large games (RPGs) failed is that we can now benefit from cross-development by using our PC to do level-editing, tile-designing etc. etc. etc. I never thought I'd say this, but Blitzbasic does come in handy here. (Of course there's always C or Qbasic too Tongue). Bottomline is: not all parts of developing an RPG have to be done on MSX anymore. An Z80 ASM coder not having to worry about creating a level editor in ASM is quite an advantage, for instance.

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