Square's Aliens 2 game?

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Van Sylvester

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29-07-2004, 21:38

Check this for some screenshots from Aliens 2


Van snout

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29-07-2004, 21:50

thinlizzy - Just take my word and accept the fact that

1) A growing amount of MSX games is being sold again, at Project EGG

2) Something like Project EGG might eventually appear in other parts of the world other than Japan alone

3) Project EGG has succeeded in finding a legal solution to the problem you are addressing: software disappearing. You might not like the commercial touch, but at least they are making sure that those software titles are, for the time being, here to stay. Part of the money Project EGG makes goes straight to MSX Association and is used for funding other MSX Revival initiatives (which, of course, you might not like either).

4) In the past several Japanese Companies have contacted the MRC about legal issues, one even threathened to sue our asses (it was not the kindest mail we ever received), and that didn't even had to to (a lot) with warez.

The MRC is a large community website about MSX. That has a lot of advantages, and some disadvantages. One of the disadvantages is that Japanese companies are quite likely to spot (and sometimes even monitor) what we are doing here. I for one am not willing to put the entire MRC at stake just because a few of our users want to obtain some obscure software.

And, before you ask, no you can't have any more details about the letters the MRC received from Japanese companies or from which companies we did or did not receive complaints Wink

Van thinlizzy

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02-08-2004, 22:51

And, before you ask, no you can't have any more details about the letters the MRC received from Japanese companies or from which companies we did or did not receive complaints Wink

oh yeah! i appreciate your demonstration of reliability

Van snout

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02-08-2004, 23:33

I don't see what not showing confidential communication between the MRC and Japanese companies has got to do with reliability. It has to do with decency (and staying out of trouble).

All we (The MSX Resource Center) are trying to do is creating and maintaining a platform where MSX users all over the world can keep up to date about the latest MSX news and meet each other. Warez don't fit in there, and could only put that what we have achieved at risk. There are dozens of things we could add to the MRC which are a lot more interesting to the MSX Community (because they are not yet or no longer available and have a stimulating effect on new developments) that don't put the current contents of the MRC at risk. We have made the choice to go for those additions, instead of warez. The least you could do is respect that choice, instead of persistanly trying to let us know you don't like our anti-warez attitude. Enjoy the parts of MRC you like, and find other means for those things where MRC doesn't fit your needs. I'm sure that when you search well enough you can find all the warez you need on other sites, FTPs or newsgroups.

Van MäSäXi

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03-08-2004, 18:08

I understand the fact that big companies which still are existing, want to guard copyrights of their games or games from companies, which they have bought in the past. That is understandable.

But it also feels really stupid for users, because how many ex-MSX game companies are STILL today selling MSX software? Publishing old or new titles?

Ok, there are some companies doing this. I have understood that ASCII is again selling msx games. But, those games are not for REAL computer but just emulator. Am I right? So, it is prohibited to download games to play them on emulator with PC. And because of that, you can´t get rare software to REAL old computer either, that´s irritating with MSX because it is so easy to download files and put them to real disk. or make it little harder and do same with waver prog.

Of course you can try to buy stuff from internet comrades, but... I think you got the point. It can be hard to get certain titles that you want to own , and surely no-one are not publishing them again legally for you computer.

Are there any companies which are publishing games for MSX not for msx emulator? And now I of course mean old MSX companies, not home-made progs by users.

Van Sonic_aka_T

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03-08-2004, 18:30

This issue is kind of three-fold. And some people seem to have trouble separating the three...

1) The legal standpoint: Copying some stupid MSX1 game with no commercial value whatsoever *IS* illegal and will be until we're all dead and buried and there's not a single copy left on this planet. Sad but true. Talk to your senator.

2) Nobody here is telling you not to copy games. You're all free to do whatever you please, whenever you feel like it. For all we care you can go and make illegal copies of Solid Snake to sell them on ebay.

3) As 'owner' of these forums, MRC is responsible to an extent for its content. This means that if illegal software is being solicited, distributed or even linked to MRC is legally responsible. This is why we kindly request you not to solicit or link to warez.

I cannot make it any clearer than this. I don't know why people continue to bitch and whine about the issue, it's really that simple. There are tons of places out there dedicated to warez. I suggest that anyone who wants to see a copy of a game that is no longer sold look there. This just isn't the place. Sorry...

Van cax

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03-08-2004, 18:46

I estimate the MSX software library is at least ten times larger than what you can find on the 'net.

Titles that are usually asked ("where can I find XXYYZZ.ROM" ) can be found with a small number of clicks, that's what I am talking about.

Of course, there are great MSX programs that can't be found on the net - I personally own this kind of stuff - but I was talking about the most requested titles.

Van anonymous

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03-08-2004, 20:36

Ok, there are some companies doing this. I have understood that ASCII is again selling msx games. But, those games are not for REAL computer but just emulator. Am I right?
You're wrong.
You can buy these games at Project Egg, and with that you bought the legal right to play them. That means you can extract the game rom/disk from the package you bought and run it in your real MSX, or another emulator.
You could also legally download the rom and disk files from the internet, because afterall, you bought the game!

So remember, games for msx emulator == games for msx.

Van flyguille

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03-08-2004, 21:34

yeah, an example of that are the MAME roms, where in all website say "you can download any rom only if you is owner of the original game-board.

Van thinlizzy

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afbeelding van thinlizzy

03-08-2004, 22:49

sure! you can download any rom only if you is owner. i agree with that
but it does not seem be a sufficient reason for prohibiting links in posts with some sites (funet and baudejogos for example)...

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