Translations? where can I find them...

Door frolik

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27-07-2004, 16:08

Is there a central site for msx english translations? I'm having a really hard time finding them... I'm more specifically trying to find one for USAS and the Xac games so I can play them on my GP32


froilk Smile

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Van Sama

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27-07-2004, 16:17

You can find information on Samanet, my site. Although the site isn't updated as regularly as possible, you can find information on English translations. Check for example the Universal MSX game amateur translations list.

Van Sama

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27-07-2004, 16:18

Such a list also exists on Generation MSX, by the way. But mine is more complete :P

Van frolik

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27-07-2004, 22:55

thanks man that's great! I've not seen those pages before...

I didn't realise that usas was not fully translated but it doesn't seem to matter - what a great game!!

Van Hanjo

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23-08-2004, 00:47

(treasures of) USAS was actually translated by konami - i owned the original european PAL cartridge with english screen-text and a multilingual manual, sadly i don't have it anymore, though, but you should find an english version of USAS somewhere

Van Sander

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23-08-2004, 01:13

It's the same ROM. Figure out the rest.

Van evulopah

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23-08-2004, 09:48

Yeah, do not start the original game on a MSX2+, TurboR or any other Japanese machine!! Or if you emulate use the MSX2 configuration!!